TV COP: TV Cop Smokes Weed: CD

Dec 03, 2020

Killer, gritty guitar licks with saccharine pop punk sensibilities. Boy do I love the breakdown in the song “Anyway,” especially at the last few measures when a little bit of feedback screams in and things get kinda nuts. The songs are quite long when it comes to the Bell Curve of punk, though there’s such variation and distinct parts to them that I don’t ever feel like it drags on. They kinda have an Arrivals vibe on “Anyway,” and I’m reminded of Ramona a lot on “Pre 9/11.” There’s mention of a couple of cop shows in their lyrics, which seems very on brand with their band name. The song “Over It” starts out with rim clicks on the snare and in a small way the opening reminds me of Weezer’s “Undone.” But then these crunchy guitars burst through and we’re neck deep in a song about depression and suicidal ideation. This record has a limited release of one hundred and it’s full of power pop jams that are very good, so I recommend snagging a copy quickly. –Kayla Greet (Bloated Kat)