TUTS, THE: Update Your Brain: CD

Nov 16, 2016

Since the start of punk rock, women have played an integral part in the movement and its progression to what we are involved in today. That path has not been straightforward, though, and like many others, the members of The Tuts are no strangers to issues which impact the lives of so many women on a daily basis, both in and out of that scene. Part of their response is to fight back using their music, where their lyrical outrage is backed by a catchy indie-punk sound which, at times, sets an incongruous musical accompaniment to the inherent fury. The Tuts’ Harriet Doveton is also in Colour Me Wednesday and both bands are part of a growing on-stage female presence in the punk scene, a trend which would be great to see continue. –Rich Cocksedge (Dovetown, dovetown.co.uk)