TURNSTYLES: Turnstyles 2: 2 x LP

Sep 22, 2023

This album contains some great roots-inspired rock. The album opens with “Vampire,” a jumpy rock song with a mid-tempo beat and some excellent harmonizing, culminating into a head-nodding chorus. “Suicide Surf Break” is a terrific beach-comber containing a solid guitar twang riff framed with steady snare and a frank rumination on the dangers of losing your concentration. “Over You” is a message to someone; a sincere and catchy breakup song. This is a prolific band. This, their second album, is a double LP comprised of songs that rarely break the three-minute mark. If you’re into punk-ish roots like Reigning Sound, you’ll dig this. The album is a fun wallow in the pool of rock’n’roll. –Billups Allen (Black And Wyatt / turnstyles.bandcamp.com)

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