TURNSTILE: Time & Space: CD

Nov 15, 2022

Time & Space starts and two seconds in we already know that Turnstile have brought their all. The opening track, “Real Thing,” has the sound and energy that is so unique to Turnstile you know exactly who you are listening to. The background harmonies over the heavy guitar and drums create that small detail that truly shows the craftsmanship that the band puts into their records. Not even two minutes later and they go blasting into “Real Smile” and that is just how Turnstile does it. Bam, bam, bam. In listening to Time & Space now, four years later and a year after Glow On, Turnstile’s musical trajectory seems obvious. However, when Time & Space was released in 2018, it came with a new sound. Turnstile’s earlier record, Nonstop Feeling, and their early EPs fall into a strictly hardcore category. Time & Space is the band’s first step away from that; they are experimenting with sound, noise, even their own musicianship. There is an art form that flows through the album that—especially upon first listen—we know Turnstile is evolving. And now we know that the evolution would continue. Without Time & Space, there would be no Glow On. From start to finish, the album is supreme but the band really shines in those deviations from what we have come to expect from standard hardcore. “Bomb” is twenty-four seconds of Franz Lyons’s crooning and it’s twenty-four seconds of pure joy. “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind” carries the tune set up in “Bomb” and then detonates it, bringing in some of the album’s heaviest Daniel Fang drum work in support of Brendan Yates’s screams. Released along with the album were five music videos: “Real Thing,” “Bomb/I Don’t Wanna Be Blind,” “Generator,” “Moon,” “Disco/Time & Space.” All are thematically interesting while adding to the craftsmanship that surrounds the entire record. Turnstile take their music videos as seriously as they take their albums but you can also sense the fun they had putting everything together; that while they know they have to put the work in, they also enjoy doing it. –Caitlin Santavenere (Roadrunner)

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