TURNING THE TIDE Vol. 28, #6, $?, 17” x 11”, 8 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

Turning the Tide is a periodical calling for immediate and ongoing political action. This is not a publication that is going to offer pros and cons on the fifteen dollar and hour minimum wage, or offer ways that the prison system can be reformed. The title page demands radical change now: “Abolish the police, Abolish the prisons, Abolish wage slavery.” Police officers are commonly referred to as “pigs” and the Black Panthers are far from a history lesson, they are here, now, and active. This issue offers stories on the movements to free political prisoners like Black Panther Herman Bell, an “anti-colonial response” to the Oregon militia standoff, the murder of indigenous Mexicans by paramilitary groups, and a two-page story on ending forced labor in Texas prisons, which the paper rightly refers to as “slavery.” Another feature, Know Your Enemy, offers stories on the police and U.S. intelligence agencies. It is nice to see a product like this in hardcopy form and not just one of the millions of pieces of trash that float upon the internet’s endless ocean of conspiracy theories and shouting in all caps. This is not the kind of stepping stone you would want to offer to your friend who is really excited about another Clinton presidency, but this is good information for those who know that something is wrong and that moderate reforms will not fix it. –Jon Mule (Anti-Racist Action Publishers, PO Box 1055, Culver City, CA, 90232-1055)