TURKLETONS, THE: Fur Frontal: 7”

Nov 16, 2016

After years of doing splits with other bands, The Turkletons give fans a full EP that is short and sweet, in under seven minutes. Tracks contain alternating male and female lead vocals, and topics range from people trying too hard, to being awkward with women. Liner notes include an apology for the lyrics in “You Had Me at Fuck Off Needle Dick,” a song about accidentally grabbing someone’s breast when going in for a drunken arm around the shoulder. “Ladykiller” is a standout track sung by Kelly Englund, and features a sweet guitar solo. If you’re into cute and catchy Ramones-influenced pop punk, check this out. ¬¬–Cynthia Pinedo (It’s Alive, itsaliverecords.com / Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.storenvy.com)