TURBONEGRO: “Hot for Nietzsche”/”Special Education”: CS

May 23, 2017

Let’s ignore for the moment that I know that Turbonegro is a band with a thirty year history. And, for just a moment, I’ll shut up the PC part of my brain that wants to bring up my issues with the Turbonegro name. If we strip all that away, what we have here is a two-song cassette, collecting both of Turbonegro’s recent singles. The sound is cock rock meets—you know what, fuck it, it’s just cock rock. The machismo-dripping, testosterone-spitting, hair metal strut bullshit that I thought was behind all of us. I can’t find any joy in this overly masculine, male gaze riff rock. The humor is juvenile, the music unexciting. This cassette will be proudly played in frat houses and sausages parties by bros who just want to fuck across the world. And fuck that. –Bryan Static (Burger, burgerrecords.com)