TSUNAMI BOMB: The Spine That Binds: LP

Feb 05, 2020

So often bands reunite years after a dormant period and/or messy break up, only to pop back in for a quick cash grab from a nostalgic fan base, trying to rekindle momentum they once had. One thing they rarely ever do is write new music. Here we are in 2019 and Tsunami Bomb has reformed with a new singer and this phoenix rising from the ashes of the early oughts has exploded back on the scene with some solid songs. Their new singer, Kate Jacobi, has a deeper voice compared to Emily Whitehurst’s breathy and thin vocals. The new version of this band includes almost all of the original lineup, and more importantly, brought back their keyboardist Courtney Malsatzki who has been absent since their EP in 2001. On this new record there’s a lot of songs about standing strong and confident (“Dead Men Can’t Catcall”), ignoring the haters (“Naysayers”), and referencing their Bay Area roots (“Petaluma”). Musically, they’re more than picking up where they left off, having had fifteen years to grow as musicians. It’s nice to have dual female vocals on so many of the songs as well—“Last Call” reminds me so much of their old song “Irish Boys.” They’re still a band with a darkness to their sound, while upping the fierceness quotient and remaining poppy. Think of them as a reincarnated version of the band that was beloved on Kung Fu Records and completely reborn on Alternative Tentacles. I, for one, welcome our new Tsunami Bomb overlords. –Kayla Greet (Alternative Tentacles)