TRUST #196, €3.50, 8⅜” x 11¾”, offset, 68 pgs.

Dec 10, 2019

I will freely admit that the brunt of my conversational German revolves around asking you how many potatoes you have, but I am a tuned-in enough cat to be aware that Trust has been published bi-monthly since 1986, making it the longest-tenured regularly published punk zine in Germany, if not, at this point, the world. I mean, you couldn’t even really call it “the Razorcake of Germany,” you’d have to call Razorcake “the Trust of the United States” and who would like that? Nobody. Nobody would like that, and I’d get punched in the nose for saying it. Well, screw that, I’m not taking the bait! Thanks for nothin’! In any event, this issue has columns (naturally), record reviews (of course), book and fanzine reviews, news items, lotsa big photos, interviews with Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos, Limp Wrist, et al.), Chain Cult, and Proud To Be Punk, an article on publishing house Ventil Verlag, and a bunch of ads. Due to my lack of non-potato-based comprehension of the language, I found the ads to be one of the more interesting aspects of the zine. Since Germany is of a reasonably compact size relative to the U.S., the ads tended to skew more towards promoting upcoming tours than pushing physical product: Did you know the Professionals are playing shows again, without Steve Jones? Did you know Marky Ramone is in a band with Greg Hetson? Did you know the Dead Kennedys are opening for the Dropkick Murphys? I didn’t know any of this crap! All of this just goes to show ya that punk is a universal language, which is why the Martians will be our friends and no one else’s. –Rev. Nørb (Postfach 11 07 62, 28087 Bremen, Germany)