TRUST #183, 8” x 10 ½”, offset, 65 pgs.

Sep 20, 2017

Where do I begin with the almighty Trust fanzine? Trust is often described as the German equivalent of Maximum Rocknroll, and with good reason. Their mission and content are often aligned, both being staunch supporters of DIY hardcore, punk, and underground culture in general. This issue includes the normal collection of columns, record and zine reviews, and photo spreads alongside featured articles/interviews with former Lookout! Records head honcho Larry Livermore, Reagan Youth, Sunbather, Feels, and much more. Trust is such an important fanzine, evident in that it has been able to exist uninterrupted for thirty-plus years now, with hopefully another thirty-plus in the works. –Mark Twistworthy (Trust, Verlag, Postfach 11 07 62, 28087 Bremen, Germany)