TRUST #182, €3, 8” x 11½”, 66 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

Well, ninety-five percent of this big ol’ “punk/hardcore/underground” zine is in German, but I still drooled over the layout. If the Australian music zine No Exposure has an intricate, brittle, and almost claustrophobic tightness to it, then Trust feels like a livestream of some across town party. The photos bleed off the page and crackle with light streams. Other cool aesthetic choices, like their page titles—oddly one of the only times English features in the whole zine—are printed in some variation of Helvetica that seems to have all its bones broken. This issue has interviews with Gunner Records, Cold Kids, and Al Quint. The review section gives Razorcake a few nice words, too. In the words of Bobby Hill, “I like Jeff Gordon [Trust], he’s handsome!” –Jim Joyce (