TRITA: The Good Night: CD

Jul 25, 2018

Ken: “Post-rock for a thousand.” Alex: “Trita.” Ken: “What is: Russian Circles with vocals?” Alex: “That is correct.” While I’ve never even remotely liked or obliged the classification of music as “post-” anything (every type of music precedes and succeeds other types of music in a connective line; proto- and post- designations just seem fucking lazy), it unfortunately persists as a descriptor of music that is still most definitely “rock.” Yet, even more unfortunately, this category has a certain sonic recognizability and thus, the term persists. Trita do indeed play a form of rock music, likely influenced by hardcore and metal, that sounds immediately similar to the aforementioned instrumental trio, but—you know—with singing. And they do a fair job of it. The impassioned vocals seamlessly meld with the dark, rhythmic music that the drums, bass, and guitar weave together on all four tracks. An enjoyable listen, post-work, post-school, post-sleep or, you know, the present. –Chad Williams (Self-released,