TRIGGER HAPPY: Killatron 2000: LP

Jul 25, 2018

I have another review that might be right above this one that explains a bit about Trigger Happy. They’re a band I have loved for a long time. The first time I saw them play was opening for Bad Brains in a barn in rural British Columbia in 1993. I was hooked. Killatron 2000 came out the following year and remains my favorite Trigger Happy album. Musically, I consider the sound to be what I would imagine a collaboration between SNFU and Big Drill Car (two of the best bands ever!). Vocalist Al Nolan is a hero of mine. So snide and angry yet you feel a bit of vulnerability under there. It is hard for me to express how happy I am to see this released on vinyl for the first time! Go on and get yourself a copy. Tell ‘em Stranglehold sent you! –Stranglehold (Chase The Glory)