TRIGGER HAPPY: I’ll Shut Up When You Fuck Off: LP

Jul 25, 2018

Toronto’s Trigger Happy (or The Almighty Trigger Happy as they’re alternately known) were an amazing band that I was fortunate enough to see play many times through the mid-‘90s. I find it incredibly exciting that some of their records are getting reissued (and on vinyl too!). This is the band’s fourth album (yes, I count the Uncooler tape Al!) and it marks a distinct sound change for the band. Previous recordings featured a sound that was decidedly more in the ALL or Big Drill Car wheelhouse. This one takes the same song structure but adds a healthy heaping dose of huge, galloping drums and ripping guitar leads a la Good Riddance or SNFU. Add in the relentless vocal delivery of Al Nolan and the result is amazing! If you are unaware of this Canadian treasure, you best be searching them out. –Ty Stranglehold (Chase The Glory)