Aug 01, 2019

This German three-piece is musically reminiscent of Unsane and Jesus Lizard but without the urgency of those bands. For example, Trigger Cut is slower and lacks the high power energy that I found on the latest Unsane album. The primary reason is that the guitar doesn’t have the muscle needed to carry off a sound comparable to acts like the Melvins, but isn’t mathy enough to fit in with a math rock sound which Trigger Cut also skirt the edge of. The singer reminds me of Rich Fessler, the vocalist of the now-defunct Chicago band Bear Claw (how’s that for an obscure reference?). It’s got a desperate, wracked tone that is slightly muffled, too. None of this is to say Trigger Cut is a horrible band. Their song structures are good and they write some solid riffs. But their inability to decide what type of style they want to play—without being an effective hybrid, either—makes Buster, dare I say, a bust. (Insert groans here.) –Kurt Morris (

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