Mar 20, 2018

When Strike Under disbanded, three of the four members reformed as Trial By Fire. For reason unknown, they only lasted a year and played a handful of shows. Chris Bjorklund went on to play in Bloodsport and The Effigies. Bob Furem later joined Da. The man who needs no introduction would be Pierre Kezdy, later joined Naked Raygun and Pegboy. Two songs on this record would later be “covered” by Naked Raygun. One song even was reworked and slapped on an Arsenal record. Now that the history lesson has concluded, it is time for the facts. This record shreds! How this could remain unreleased for so long is a travesty! Get this on vinyl now! The 1981 demo is included as a download with the LP and also on the CD. Crucial. –Sean Koepenick (Alona’s Dream, [email protected])