TRIAL AND ERROR COLLECTIVE #11, free, 8½” x 5½”, printed, 24 pgs.

May 25, 2021

Trial and Error Collective is “a collective of music nerds across the country that write blogs, make zines, create playlists, conduct artist interviews, and host a music commentary podcast,” says Parisa Eshrati in the Letter to the Editor of this issue of Trial and Error zine. So, naturally, the zine reflects the interests of the collective. Besides interviews with musicians (Anthony Pateras of tetema, Shamir) and album reviews, this issue of T&E has a zine review (Cometbus #50), poetry, and even a crossword (which I’m tempted to do as a lover of crosswords), plus original art. But my favorite feature is “Vinyl Vault,” in which a T&E reader—in this case, Amalia Mendoza—talks about their favorite record. T&E packs a lot in its twenty-four pages, and all of it makes for a fun read. –Gina Murrell (Parisa Eshrati, [email protected])

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