Mar 22, 2017

Triac’s got a severe grindcore thing going on, making some solid noise for a three-piece. Tight, mid-tempo stuff, save for a few blastbeats and the droning, doom-heavy dirge at the end that went on so long I had to make sure the record wasn’t skipping. Sick/Tired sounds similar, if a little faster. Powerviolence? Sure, and complete with the requisite Cookie Monster Dude on vocals. Nice thing about them is that either he—or someone else—also screams ala Feral Porcupine Guy/Guy That Very Occasionally Sounds Like Blaine From The Accüsed, so that’s cool. Both bands are certainly competent at what they do, and the production and packaging is solid and fucked up. I mean, nothing about this record is personally really fun or enjoyable, but maybe whipping my tender skull into stroganoff is more the point. –Keith Rosson (To Live A Lie)