TREVOR WHITE: “Crazy Kids” b/w “Movin’ in the Right Direction”: 7” EP

Sep 20, 2016

Re-release from 1976. This particular aperitif has me feeling deeply ashamed of the time I have wasted not being aware of Trevor White’s career. This two-song teaser has guitar that winks at The Who and features lyrical anthems of wild, reckless youth and young love. Trevor White has played with the likes of Chuck Wagon and Martin Gordon. Wait, what? Sparks is not only a no longer existent caffeinated malt beverage that almost killed Paul Trash a couple of times, it’s a band, man! How have I never heard this stuff before? Although from what I can tell, I prefer the Sparks recordings from before White joined. It’s all terrific shit! I am floored and have a lot more listening to do. Totes stoked I got sucked into this rabbit hole. Totally worth it not only for the history lesson; these two songs have summertime fun-time written all over them! –Jackie Rusted (Just Add Water,