TRAPPED NERVE #1, £2, 5¾” x 8¼’’, copied, 34 pgs.

Jan 26, 2021

When I think of zines, I often think of auteur theory. Auteur theory presents the idea that a skilled director presents so much of their personality and creativity in their films that they make them distinctly their own, rising above the artistic compromise of Hollywood. I think a good zine should project a similar personality. Despite the varied contents it should all add up to something that’s uniquely the author. Otherwise, I might just come away with a feeling of “meh.” This should be a given but, unfortunately, bland interview questions and lifeless reviews are far too common in zines. Trapped Nerve is a hardcore zine (of the bold font, spin kick, clean lifestyle variety) by an old schooler in England. Nathan is more than that, of course, but what makes his zine stand out is he lets us know. His personality is there in his introduction and interview questions (Sūrya, Seconds Out, Maniac, Above All, Moloch), all the way through his book and zine review choices into his—regrettably scarce—personal pieces. This is a zine done right! –Craven Rock (