TRANSIENT + BASTARD NOISE: Sources of Human Satisfaction: LP

Nov 26, 2018

I’m new to the Transient game but that’s totally my loss. I wasn’t yet privy to their absurdly brilliant spin on crusty grindcore which bridges the gap between Dystopia, Buzzov-en, Phobia, and Shank. Alone, Transient’s musical prowess is just one maniacally brutal beatdown after another, but paired with the genius knob twisting and circuit bending of powerviolence godfather Eric Wood (AKA Bastard Noise), the insanity reaches higher levels of otherworldly bliss that can only be appreciated by true skull servants and powerviolence freaks. Amazing Pettibon-esque artwork accentuates a true modern extreme music classic that centuries from now will surely be in a museum guarded by grindcore ninja robots who fuel only on the flesh of the fascist, racist, sexist, transphobic and any other similar waste of life. –Juan Espinosa (Six Weeks,