Sep 22, 2016

Madison, Wisconsin’s The Transgressions are everything that is pop punk: restless, bored, snotty, snarky, nihilistic, depressed, self-deprecating, a little immature, kinda hungry, contemplating ordering a pizza, super drunk, super high, probably need to shower, but don’t really feel like it right now, really into the Ramones, but not, like, too much, and super in “like” with girls, but girls may have cooties, the jury’s still out. Fucked Up is about many of these things. It’s also about having holes in your socks, and how minor inconveniences often echo the larger emotional tragedies in our lives—but also how, for real, having holes in your socks is super fucking annoying. From “I Don’t Wanna Be,” the catchy fuck-my-life-just-let-me-die-here-in-this-gutter-as-long-as-there-are-also-opiates-in-the-gutter anthem that kicks off the record, to “You’re the One” and “Grim Fairytale”—which both tell stories of love gone, well, not wrong, but y’know, whatever—the short and bitter offerings on Fucked Up are penned and played with equal parts grime, rage, and despair. And it really fucking works. –Kelley O’Death (It’s Alive, [email protected],

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