May 20, 2019

Two of the finest bands of our time convene for one of the best split LPs in ages. The predecessor to Toys That Kill, F.Y.P, was one of my favorite bands of the 1990s, but they were rough around the edges live until their more mature later years. Toys That Kill, on the other hand, blew me away both recorded and in person from the beginning. That they’re still putting out some of their best material two decades into their forming is a beautiful thing. They play melodic, multi-layered punk that defies easy labeling. Iron Chic plays more conventional, melodic, emo-ish punk, heavily inspired by Samiam. Iron Chic does it so well, though, and at times are even more powerful than their influences. Their material here is fantastic. I am pleased to see Iron Chic getting increasingly giant shows, including the 2019 Camp Anarchy festival. They deserve it! Yes, you need this record. –Art Ettinger (Recess / Dead Broke)