TOYOTAS: Turn Away: 10”

May 23, 2018

I’ve never seen anything quite like this before: The sleeve to this one-sided 10” is a thick gatefold jacket made out of that unbleached, shopping-bag-brown cardboard that was mildly popular among the artier of the punk/emo set in the ‘90s for its utilitarian vibe and conduciveness to screen printing. It has rounded corners and is screen-printed in red and black. The front cover art has some sharp lines and arrows that give it a new wave feel, which is a bit at odds with the old-timey medical diagram of a human head that serves as the focal point. The back cover has the song titles and some minimal, transistor board-ish graphics, plus a die-cut C shape exposing the vinyl underneath. This gives it the unexpected (and likely unintended) feel of a pizza box. The left inner panel has full-color photos of the band members, framed by additional inner sleeve die cuts which leave the outer cover untouched. There’s also a hand-numbered number, in pencil (of course) on this side, while the other side has more red and black screen printing and a die cut hole that exposes the vinyl’s label. The vinyl is a semi-transparent grey, streaked with black wisps. The label is black with a big red “TOYOTAS” and the text is brown, presumably to match the cardboard. The four songs are decent, well-played and recorded, and sound either like a European Briefs or a Reducers (Connecticut) record played on a faulty turntable that spins a few rpm too quickly. Enjoyable, but quite overshadowed by the packaging, so if your intent was to have the packaging leaving the biggest impression, good work. BEST SONG “Try It Out.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Outta My Head.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I go