TOYGUITAR: Move like a Ghost: CDEP

Nov 16, 2016

It’s been said before and I’ll repeat it here: Jack Dalrymple is a fan-fucking-tastic singer and songwriter. I’ve been an appreciator of his for a longtime, ever since I was a wee lad blasting One Man Army in my headphones on the way to junior high. He’s a songwriting machine with an enviable work ethic (he also contributes to Swingin’ Utters and Dead To Me). Now, with ToyGuitar, his voice and playing are even more defined and resounding. Move like a Ghost follows shortly behind their infectious first LP, In This Mess, but these five new tunes are even stronger than the last twelve, channeling U.K. punk infused with surf. “Peach Fuzz” and “Wrong Side” recall The Adverts, while Dalrymple delivers his best Beach Boys’ harmonies on “Stoned under a New Moon.” Members Miles Peck (Swingin’ Utters guitarist), bassist Paul Oxborrow, and drummer Rosie Gonce aren’t slackers either. Together, they have miraculously written an EP with more replay value than most full lengths. –Sean Arenas (Fat Wreck)

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