TOY TRUCKS: Rockets Bells and Poetry: LP

Mar 25, 2020

What’s up with Memphis? There’s something in the water, but more likely in the liquor. Sounds like this lot have rock’n’roll running through their veins thicker than blood. They funnel The Standells, Rascals, Sonics and all those ugly ’60s bands everyone’s folks wanted to hate. Pull in some of that Memphis punk vibe and toss in dirty cocaine and whisky. Kinda reminds me of the Reigning Sound…. Oh wait, one of these cats was in ’em. Makes sense. Old dudes with music chops and a record collection to back it up. Imagine if your crazy uncle loved ’60s garage but did a bunch of drugs in the late ’70s and can still kick your ass. Real deal shit. These fools look old as me but rock it like teenagers and I’m guessing would steal all your acid, and spark you the fuck out. Love it. –Tim Brooks (Black And Wyatt,

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