TOXENES, THE: Hot Rod: 7”

Sep 17, 2018

I have a special soft spot for bands that are playing garage/punk rock’n’roll of this ilk in the present day. It was done to death in the 2000s, but somehow feels fresh again after a bit of a sabbatical. This four-track ripper by The Toxenes from Minneapolis is an incredible blast of revved-up Trashwomen style garage, but even louder. Extremely well recorded, with perfect amount of grit and clarity where needed. No questions needed why this is on a German record label, as they’d do quite well over there for sure. It’s possible an old band of mine even played with one of their members in another group many years ago at the Alamo in Minneapolis? Or not. It’s a big world out there. –Steve Adamyk (Killjoy,