TOUGH AGE: Which Way Am I?: CD/LP

Sep 29, 2020

While Tough Age declares they’re not a punk band, they definitely are influenced by it, as well as garage rock and surf rock. There’s a nod on Which Way Am I? to Eddy Current Suppression Ring with the song title, “Penny Current Suppression Ring,” where singer Penny Clark’s vocals range from Kim Gordon to Nico. The jangly guitar showcases a big Sonic Youth influence, as do other tracks on the album including “Patience of Mind.” At other times, such as on “My Life’s a Joke and I’m Throwing It Away” there is a Toys That Kill sound. I like the assortment of influences and the contrast between singers Penny and Jarrett Samson who complement one another well. Throughout the thirty-six minutes of music on Which Way Am I? the vocals and musical styles pair together seamlessly. I can see a lot of Razorcake readers digging this one. –Kurt Morris (Mint)