Sep 16, 2021

Over the last year and a half, have you just wanted to scream as the bad news keeps flooding in and you can’t shake the feeling that the world is ending? How about over the last five years? Ten? Twenty? This new Totally Slow record is that scream. For their first full-length in five years, the North Carolina band has ramped up the pounding punk riffs and gone full-on early ’80s hardcore. Think catchy early ’80s SoCal shit that morphed into skate punk, with a touch of mid-’80s DC hardcore. It’ll make you break a sweat but, after a few songs, things got a little blurry and I found myself missing the songwriting dynamics and production flourishes on 2016’s Bleed Out. Rage might not be subtle, but it sure is cathartic, and this record will jolt you awake then pat you on the back. –Chris Terry (Refresh,

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