TORGO: Torgo Vs God: CD

Jul 25, 2018

The existence of bands that identify with the no-wave movement that (seemingly) lost favor forty years ago continues to surprise me. Torgo falls firmly within the movement’s reaches, filling tracks with punk-inspired experimentation that evokes memories of, say, DNA, or Teenage Jesus And The Jerks. Tracks like “Prie-Dieu” and “Smayday” are the most rocking and conventional on the album (while still heavily experimenting vocally and instrumentally), while “Foist” might feature some of the most interesting vocals and instrumentation on the record. The band chooses to eschew instrumentation on much of “Housecat Pushing Paintings off of the Wall to Find the Animal Rustling.” Generally, this record is composed of screeching guitar sounds and droning havoc that cement the band’s overarching “weirdness.” Though definitively boundary pushing, this record sounds self-indulgent from time to time. Those interested in experimental composition would probably enjoy the arrangements on this record, but I occasionally found myself feeling a little sick of the sound throughout it. –Anna Farr (Self-released,