Top5s from Razorcake 108: In Memory of Pete Shelley R.I.P.


Top5s from Razorcake 108: In Memory of Pete Shelley R.I.P.

Also featuring Bad Sports, Neighborhood Brats, Carbonas, Swingin’ Utters, Color TV

Abdul Vas
1. AC/DC, Back in Black LP
2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thomson (book)
3. Big Joe Williams, Tough Times LP
4. Gretsch Jet Firebird 1963 (guitar)
5. Bullet (movie, 1996)

Aphid Peewit
• Dwarves, Take Back the Night CD
• GBH, Momentum CD
Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism, by Nadya Tolokonnikova (book)
Who Is America, Sacha Baron Cohen DVD
Freak Kingdom: Hunter Thompson’s Manic Ten-Year Crusade against American Fascism, by Timothy Denevi

Art Ettinger
• Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
• Various Artists, The Lookouting! 2 x LP
• Blood Pressure, Surrounded LP
• Groovie Ghoulies, The 80’s Collection CS
The Ranger (movie)

Billy Kostka
• Warthog, Self-titled
• Terrorist, American Today
• Sick Thoughts, Self-titled LP
• Alien Nosejob, Death of the Vinyl Boom
• OCS, live in S.F.

Bill Pinkel
• Carbonas, Singles and Rarities 2 x LP
• Alkaline Trio, Is This Thing Cursed LP
• Basement Benders, Shrapnel Songs LP
• Creeps, Old Crimes: Singles Collection 2009-2013 LP
• Neighborhood Brats, Claw Marks LP, tied with seeing them live in L.A. with Maniac and Night Birds!

Candace Hansen
2018: WOW
• Every banger at The Smell this year. SLoW reunion at Jenna Pup’s b-day. Riot Grrrl Carnival. Maya Songbird. All the feels. All the friends. All the dancing!
• Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries record release show in Fresno. It was one of the most powerful and beautiful shows I’ve ever experienced.
• Culture Abuse, Bay Dream on the way to yoga every day for as long as my summer Groupon lasted.
Steven Universe, the queerest music-centric tear jerking emo drama since The L Word.
• Old Rancid songs with new memories and new friends and talking about Life Won’t Wait every time I saw Daryl for a whole year.

Chad Williams
Top 5 of 2018
• Swingin’ Utters, Peace and Love
• Night Birds, Roll Credits
• Battle Ruins, Glorious Dead
• Khemmis, Desolation
• No Problem, Let God Sort ‘Em Out

Chris Mason
1. Tommy And The Commies, Here Come
2. Carbonas, Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities
3. Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation
4. Negative Scanner, Nose Picker
5. S.B.F., Same Beat Forever

Chris Terry
Bedwetter, Flick Your Tongue… CS
• Ultra Razzia LP
• Rosalia, El Mal Querer LP
• Earl Sweatshirt, Some Rap Songs LP
Incognegro: Renaissance, by Mat Johnson (graphic novel)

Craven Rock
1. Working with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief after Hurricane Michael
2. Doing disaster relief with All Hands And Hearts after Hurricane Florence
3. The city of New Orleans
4. The Fest 17 (Swank, Radon, Tim Barry, Enablers, Doc Hopper, to name five)
5. Danse Macabre by Stephen King (book)

Daryl Gussin
• Spiritualized®, And Nothing Hurt LP
• Night Birds, Neighborhood Brats, Maniac, and Form Rank at Zebulon
• Nas, Illmatic LP from Jon Mule, thanks Jon!
• Toys That Kill / Iron Chic, Split LP
• The Linda Lindas, live at the Grand Star Jazz Club

Designated Dale
1. Manolito’s All-Star Combo at the Club Rock en Español 30th Anniversary show at the Stardust Club in Downey, Calif. 12/8/2018
2. Non-Blips, Sapphic Musk, Neptunas, and La Tuya at Cafe NELA in Los Angeles, Calif. 11/17/2018
3. L7: Pretend We’re Dead documentary. Way long overdue story for one of Hell A’s most rocking outfits.
4. Veep series on HBO. If this show doesn’t make you laugh, consult with your physician to make certain you’re not dead.
5. My niece Maya in Chicago, taking up the drums and percussion at school during the fifth grade this past year. It begins.

Donna Ramone
Top 5 Albums of the Year
1. Sloppy Boys, Lifelong Vacation
2. The Dahmers, Down in the Basement
3. Sloppy Boys, Lifelong Vacation (I loved this album enough for it to deserve all five spots)
4. Bad Moves, Tell No One
5. Spook School, Could It Be Different?

Eric Baskauskas
• Warthog, 4th 7”
• U-Nix, Nuke Portland 12”
• Blood Pressure, Surrounded 12”
• Direct Hit, Crown of Nothing LP
• Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Favorite Buzzcocks Songs (RIP Pete Shelley)
• “Boredom”
• “Fast Cars”
• “I Don’t Mind”
• “Strange Thing”
• “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)”

Jimmy Alvarado
• Club Rock en Español celebrates its 30th Anniversary—much love to some badass rockeras who responsible for some truly badass history.
• La Tuya, Just Head, Bloody Brains at the Lexington in DTLA 12/1/18—this “family” show was off the goddamned chain.
The Chicano Generation: Testimonios from the Movement book, by Mario T. Garcia—neat to read the oral histories of some of my father’s old friends.
BlackkKlansman film, directed by Spike Lee—officially my second favorite film by him.
• The death of FilmStruck—corporate greed kills off the best film streaming service ever in order to create two lesser streaming services. Fuck you very much, AT&T.

Kayla Greet
• Pre-Fest 6 and Fest 17, Ybor and Gainesville, Fla.
• Lone Wolf, Self-titled
• Bad Moves, Tell No One
• Loser, Self-titled
• Being sober for a year

Kevin Dunn
1. The Brokedowns, Sick of Space
2. Dyke Drama, Hard New Pills
3. Swearin’, Fall into the Sun
4. Heck Yes, Get Jazzed
5. Tropical Fuck Storm, A Laughing Death in Meatspace

Kurt Morris
Top 5 Songs Stuck in My Head Lately
1. “Spirit in Black” by Slayer
2. “Severance Pay” by Silkworm
3. “Old Black Hen” by Songs: Ohia
4. “Slip It In” by Black Flag
5. “Chasing Death” by Slayer

Lauren Denitzio
Top 5 Favorite Records in 2018
• Culture Abuse, Bay Dream
• Warm Thoughts, I Went Swimming Alone
• Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog
• Jeff Rosenstock, POST-
• Nervus, Everything Dies

Top 5 Reasons I’m behind on Shit
1. Found a disabled semi-feral kitten mewing at my doorstep on a rainy day
2. Need to feed the kitten
3. Need to take the kitten to the vet
4. Need to pet the kitten
5. Kitten

Mark Twistworthy
• Tropical Fuck Storm, A Laughing Death in Meatspace LP
• Exhalants / Pinko, Split 12”
• Marked Men, On the Other Side LP
• Cherubs, Short of Popular 2 x LP reissue
• Moving Targets, The Other Side Demos & Sessions 2 x LP

Martin Wong
1. Adolescents, D.O.A., Channel 3, and Croissants at the Observatory
2. Jawbreaker, Midget Handjob, and Savage Republic at the Ben Is Dead reunion show
3. Night Birds, Neighborhood Brats, Maniac, and Form Rank at Zebulon
4. The return of OFF! at the Observatory
5. Generation Sex (Billy Idol and Tony James from Generation X with Steve Jones and Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols) and Cherry Glazerr at the Roxy

Mike Fournier
• Desperate Bicycles
• Negative Scanner, Nose Picker LP
• Descendents, live at Palladium, Worcester, Mass. 10/27/18
• Character Actor 7”
xXx fanzine anthology, by Mike Gitter

Mike Frame
1. Skitsystem / Disfear, entire catalogs
2. Stiff Love, entire catalog
3. Uada, Cult of a Dying Sun
4. Terry & Louie, A Thousand Guitars
5. Chris Hedges, America: The Farewell Tour (book)

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | SFCA
• Young Skulls, Bomb Train Blues 7” | N.Y. R’N’R
• Bad Mojos, I Hope You OD LP | Swiss punk rock
• A Pony Named Olga, Ave Maria LP | German cowpunk
• Th’ Losin Streaks, This Band Will Self-Destruct in T-Minus LP | Sacto garage rock
• Neighborhood Brats, Claw Marks LP | Oakland/L.A. punk rock

Ollie Mikse
• Superchunk, What a Time to be Alive
• Swingin’ Utters, Peace and Love
• Neko Case, Hell-On
• Jeff Rosenstock, POST-
• Kurt Vile, Bottle It In

Paul Silver
1. Vacation, Clown Sounds, The Treasure Fleet, John Cougar Concentration Camp, at Tower Bar, San Diego
2. Johnny Mafia, Princes de l’Amour LP
3. The Smoking Popes, Into the Agony LP
4. Drug Church, Cheer LP
5. Madison Bloodbath, Dan Padilla, The Maxies, Moderate To Severe at Empire Bowl, Redlands, Calif.

Rebecca Minjarez
1. My incredibly supportive and loving family.
2. Libraries and librarians.
3. Independent book and record stores.
4. Pancakes.
5. Ramen and albondigas.

Rene Navarro
1. Raising another bird that ended up getting killed. Life is precious. The pleasure is always worth the pain.
2. Pretty Flowers, Why Trains Crash LP
3. Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys (it’s a podcast)
4. Lobita R.I.P.
5. Roma, directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Rev. Nørb
• BEST BUZZCOCKS ALBUM: A Different Kind of Tension
• BEST BUZZCOCKS SINGLE: “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” b/w “Why Can’t I Touch It?”
• BEST BUZZCOCKS COVER ART: “Promises” b/w “Lipstick” 45

Rich Cocksedge
In Memory of Pete Shelley R.I.P. Thanks for all the tunes.
• Moving Targets, The Stupids, Diaz Brothers, Travis Cut, live at Sebright Arms, London
• Śmierć, Godzina Pusta LP / Warshy, The Noble Cause Digital EP
• Social Experiment, Rumours of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated LP
• Balloon Flights, Psychologically Broken LP
• Nan Rando, F Digital EP / CRIM, Pare Nostre Que Esteu a L’Infern LP

Rick V.
Top Five Fictional Bands
1. Circus Monkey (watch Bandwagon)
2. The Groovie Goolies (don’t watch, just listen)
3. The Impossibles (pretty bad, but the cartoon is great)
4. Zit Remedy (one song over their six-year career)
5. Josie And The Pussycats (movie version)

Rosie Gonce
Top 5 Songs My Sister (Guitar) and I (Drums) Used to Play Together
1. “Amoeba,” Adolescents, Self-titled LP
2. “Hope,” Descendents, Milo Goes to College LP
3. “Sometimes I,” Plasmatics, New Hope for the Wretched LP
4. “Shitlist,” L7, Bricks Are Heavy LP
5. “Get It On,” Turbonegro, Apocalypse Dudes LP

Ryan Nichols
1. Robert White Nichols (R.I.P.)
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. Porto, Portugal
4. Horny Wave
5. Skateboarding

Sal Lucci
1. Destroy All Art, Vol. 2 LP
2. Carbonas, Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities 2 x LP
3. Priors, New Pleasure LP
4. Des Demonas, Bay of Pigs EP
5. John Wesley Coleman III, Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song LP

Sean Arenas
• Idaho Green, Rancher Bones 7”
• Great American House Fire, Promise Me Endings 12” EP
• Color TV, Self-titled LP
• Neurotic Fiction, Pulp Music LP
• Vanilla Poppers, I Like Your Band 7” EP

Sean Koepenick
Top Shelf
1. Joan Jett, Bad Reputation (documentary)
2. Pylon Reenactment Society, Self-titled 7”
3. Superchunk, Our Work Is Done 7”
4. CH3, After the Lights Go Out LP reissue
5. Dot Dash, Proto Retro download

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Support the Girls
2. RBG
3. Descent into the Maelstrom: The Radio Birdman Story
4. Heavy Trip
5. Norm MacDonald Has a Show

Todd Taylor
• Superchunk, What a Time to be Alive LP
• The Linda Lindas and Phranc, live at the Grand Star Jazz Club
• Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP
• Marked Men, On the Other Side LP
• Color TV, Self-titled LP
• BB And The Blips, Self-titled demo CS

Ty Stranglehold
1. Neighborhood Brats, Claw Marks LP
2. Color TV, Self-titled LP
3. Fucked Up, Dose Your Dreams 2 x LP
4. Bad Sports, Constant Stimulation LP
5. Clown Sounds, Preacher Maker LP


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