Razorcake 98 Top 5s - Crusades

Top 5s from Razorcake 98: Crusades, Career Suicide, Songs For Moms, Cyanide Pills, El Banda, Uranium Club, and Street Eaters

Jun 22, 2017


Alicia Armijo
1. The Beta Machine, All This Time EP
2. Culture Shock, Attention Span LP
3. Raukous, “Black Mass”
4. Mastodon, Emperor of Sand LP
5. The Black Angels, “Young Men Dead”

Art Ettinger
• Kepi Ghoulie, Lost and Loving It! LP
• ANTiSEEN, The Complete Drastic Sessions LP
• Submachine, People 7”
• Face To Face, Say What You Want 7”
• Down For Life, Harder Than Hell LP

Bill Pinkel
• Sam Cooke, Best of LP
• Career Suicide, Machine Response LP
• Macho Boys, Self-titled LP
• Colleen Green, I Want to Grow Up LP
• Bash & Pop, Friday Night Is Killing Me LP

Billy Kostka
• Nag, False Anxiety 7”
• Radiation Risks, Goodbye Money 7”
• Playboy, Celebration 7”
• Cereal Killer, Demos 7”
• Mordecai, Abstract Recipe LP

Camylle Reynolds
1. Playing with Alice Bag and Valleygrrl in Oakland.
2. The release of the compilation I put together for Emotional Response Records called Typical Girls Volume 2. Proud!
3. Finishing a hellish quarter of grad school. Universe was testing me.
4. The return of Kamala And The Karnivores.
5. Daydreaming about our upcoming tour to Japan.

Candace Hansen
Top Five Shows So Far This Year
1. Downtown Boys at Baby’s All Right
2. No Side and Generacion Suicida at Continental Room
3. Songs For Moms at White Horse Inn
4. Seth Bogart at Club Scum One Year Anniversary
5. Hanging out with Spray Tan at Mountain View Cemetery (it counts!)

Chad Williams
1. Moral Panic, Self-titled LP
2. Iron Reagan, Crossover Ministry LP
3. Career Suicide, Machine Response LP
4. Remnants, Ruff Mix EP
5. City Bus Hand Jobs, Fast Dark Dirty Blues

Chris Mason
1. Mount Eerie, A Crow Looked at Me LP
2. Booji Boys, Self-titled LP
3. C.H.E.W., Demo 7”
4. Super Unison, Auto LP
5. Jim And The French Vanilla, Afraid of the House LP

Chris Terry
• Biznaga, Sentido del Espectaculo, CD
POPs (Parents on Parenting), zine
• Talking Heads, Remain in Light and Speaking in Tongues LPs
• Run The Jewels, live and RTJ 3 LP
• Colson Whitehead, Underground Railroad (novel)

Clara Luci Acosta
• Interviewing Chicken from Dead To Me
• Interviewing Jason and Chad from Western Addiction
• Western Addiction, Tremulous LP
• Ogikubo Station, Self-titled
• Getting an IUD. Keep your politics away from my fucking body!

Craven Rock
1. Exploring Cuenca, Spain with my sweetheart
2. The 9 Lives of Ray the Cat Jones by Stewart Home (book)
3. P.O.S and Sims at The Crocodile
4. The Baboon Show, The World Is Bigger than You
5. Basic Paper Airplane #7 (zine)

Cynthia Pinedo
Top 5 Show Moments of 2017 (so far)
1. Chris Conley of Saves The Day crying at the end of their When We Were Young Fest set, and being so thankful of the audience for their support. I cried too. It was so beautiful.
2. Laura Stevenson’s jokes at Funzone in Santa Barbara. She is an amazing vocalist and performer; so funny.
3. SOAR’s dreamy harmonies at their Funzone show.
4. Milo of The Descendents’ CamelBak usage onstage at When We Were Young. Innovation at its finest because he didn’t have to stop at all to drink water... or did it have coffee in there?
5. Skacademy Awards. All of it, especially people skanking while eating pizza.

Daryl Gussin
• Urochromes, Night Bully 7”
• Cyanide Pills, Sliced and Diced LP
• El Banda, Wściekŧyszpaler 7”
• Thin Lizzy, Black Rose LP
• Dick Lucas’s uncanny ability to balance anything.

Eric Baskauskas
The 5 Best Things about Power Trip’s new album Nightmare Logic:
1. The riffs
2. The lyrics
3. Tour with Iron Reagan
4. The art
5. Headbanging

Gabby Gonzalez
Punk Bands of Today
1. Acrylics
2. Muscle Before Paradise
4. Bleeders
5. Salvia Palth

Garrett Barnwell
1. The Bombpops, Fear of Missing Out CD
2. Scarboro, Here Comes the Hangover CD
3. No Crisis, She’s into the Scene LP
4. MRR #407 (Amazing Razorcake review!)
5. Irony (The literary technique)

Griffin Wynne
Top 5 Things (The Only Good Things) That Happened During Venus Retrograde, (In Which I Negatively Encountered a Number of My Exes and Re-Installed and Deleted Tinder Six Times.)
• Diet Cig, I Swear I’m Good at This CS
• Noname NPR Tiny Desk Concert
• Vagabon, live at The Echo, Los Angeles, 3/22
• Hiccup, Imaginary Enemies CD
Instinct to Ruin, by L. Mathis (book)

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Songs for Staying Angry (Part II)
• G.L.O.S.S., “Fight”
• Tørsö, “Eating Scraps”
• No Statik, “Deadly Repercussions”
• Career Suicide, “Play the Part”
• Replica, “Pitchfork and Torches”

Jimmy Alvarado
• Crowd, Surf Ghetto Riot LP
New York Doll documentary
• The System, Slave to the Machine LP
• UV-TV, Glass LP
• Biznaga, Sentido del Espectaculo LP

Jim Woster
Top Five Razorcake Podcasts from the First 100, in Numerical Order

Joe Dana
1. The Damned at the Bellasco Theater
2. Ollin and their alter egos, Dirty Old Town, performing the Pogues’ Rum Sodomy and the Lash album on St. Patrick’s Day
3. Pu$$y-Cow’s last-ish show with our drummer, Danny Poulos, at Dipiazza’s with Suicycos and Pee Wee Herman Cholos
4. Nashville Pussy and Zeke at Alex’s Bar
5. Razorcake’s I <3 Drinking Beer & Listening to Records Happy Hour has a permanent home at Footsies in L.A. every second Saturday. Please visit.

Jon Mule
1. The Flintstones (comic)
2. YouTube videos of Penny Rimbaud
3. Western Addiction, Tremulous
4. Jodorowsky's Dune (film)
5. Sunn O)))

Juan Espinosa
• Dreamdecay, LP, and live at Five Star Bar, L.A.
• Anal Trump, That Makes Me Smart! 7”
• The Secret Prostitutes, Tiger Express LP
• S.H.I.T., i 7”
• Career Suicide, Machine Response LP

Kayla Greet
• The Observers, The Spits, Clorox Girls, Bi-Marks at Tonic Lounge, Portland, Ore.
• Earth Girls, Wanderlust
Coady and the Creepies (comic) b/w playing pinball with Liz Prince at Comicon
• Accidente, Pulso
• Treasure Fleet, The Sun Machine (record and film)

Kevin Dunn
1. Cody and the Creepies #1 comic book
2. Macho Boys, Self-titled
3. Big Eyes, Stake Your Claim
4. Piss Test, Self-titled
5. Drakulas, Raw Wave

Kurt Morris
1. The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dissociation
2. Power Trip, Nightmare Logic
3. Black Flag, In My Head
4. Strand Of Oaks, Hard Love
5. All I Want to Do Is Live by Trace Ramsey (book)

Lauren Denitzio
Top 5 New Records I’m Looking Forward to
1. Cayetana, New Kind of Normal
2. Katie Ellen, TBA
3. Antarctigo Vespucci, TBA
4. Caves, Always Why
5. PWR BTM, Pageant

1. So excited to be here.
2. I got an advance peek at Eric Kostiuk Williams’ graphic novel Condo Heartbreak Disco, and then I got to have dinner with him, gossiping about drag queens and comics.
3. A huge life change looms in front of me, and I don’t know which direction I’ll go yet.
4. Remnants of California’s superbloom linger, and jasmine is blooming all over Los Angeles.
5. Sasha Velour.

Megan Razzetti
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis
• The new Black Dots and Gentlemen Prefer Blood split 7”
• Snagging show flyers off of the bathroom walls of various venues.
• Kendrick Lamar, DAMN LP
• Spending much-needed quality time with people I love and support at La Escalera Fest Six6seis in San Diego, Calif.

Michael T. Fournier
• Plural Being, demo CS
• Marron, Terrenos LP
• Generacion Suicida, Sombras LP
• Pissed Jeans, Why Love Now LP and live at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville, MA 02/25/17
• Sister, Brother demo

Mike Faloon
• Chook Race, Around the House LP
• De La Soul, and the Anonymous Nobody LP
• Wayne Hancock, Slingin’ Rhythm LP
• Waco Brothers, Going Down in History LP
• Young Fresh Fellows, Extintores y Txipirones CD

Mike Frame
1. Pegboy, live in Denver
2. Kreator and Testament, new albums
3. Lemuria and Cayetana, live in Denver
4. Corner Gas (television series)
5. Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi books

Paul Comeau
Top Albums of Summer (Play at Max Volume Only)
• H2O, Thicker Than Water
• Verse, From Anger and Rage
• The Hope Conspiracy, Cold Blue
• Shelter, Mantra
• AC/DC, Highway to Hell

Paul Silver
1. Taco Hell, Retainer MLP
2. Deforesters, Leonard LP
3. Hiccup, Imaginary Enemies LP
4. Kira Jari, Self-titled LP
5. Svetlanas at Soda Bar, San Diego

Replay Dave
• UV-TV, Glass LP
• Crusades, This Is a Sickness, and Sickness Will End LP
• Vivian K, Verses LP
• Deadaires, Self-titled LP
• Cropduster, Strange Sort of Prayer CD

Rev Nørb
• So What, Hard Gum LP
• 99ers / Darlington, Split 7”
• Citizen Blast Kane, Straight to Video 12”
• Sleaford Mods, English Tapas LP
• Ted Prokash, Journey to the Center of the Dream (book)

Rich Cocksedge
• Stiff Little Fingers live at Exeter Phoenix and at Cardiff Tramshed (40th Anniversary Tour)
• Uranium Club, All of Them Naturals LP
• Giganto, Latiga Canta LP
• Bear Trade, Silent Unspeakable LP
• Buzz Rodeo, SPORTS LP

Naked Rob
1. Silver Screams, Defective Machines LP (Boston punk/rock)
2. Futuro, A Torre da Derrota (São Paulo punk rock)
3. Power, Electric Glitter Boogie LP (Aussie rock’n’roll)
4. Xetas, The Tower LP (Austin noise rock/punk)
5. Fuck You Pay Me, Dumbed Down LP (Cleveland hardcore)

Rene Navarro
1. Lenguas Largas live at Golden Beat Studios
3. Pedal Strike and Generacion Suicida live at Cafe NELA
3. Marriage Material demo
4. Writing new music with Desidia
5. Trap Girl demo

Ryan Nichols
1. Rank/Xerox, M.Y.T.H. EP
2. Mark Burgess, A View from a Hill (book)
3. David Carson, The End of Print (book)
4. ACTORS, “Post Traumatic Love”
5. B Boys, No Worry No Mind LP

Sal Lucci
1. Aquarian Blood, Last Nite in Paradise LP
2. Rik And The Pigs, “Don’t Tell On Me” b/w “Gimme Mick” 7”
3. Rik, Snarky Remark EP
4. Roy Loney And The Phantom Movers, Phantom Tracks LP
5. US Weekly, live

Sean Arenas
• Street Eaters, The Envoy LP
• Middle Children, Earth Angel LP
• Artefact, Votive Offering LP
• El Banda, Przejdzie Ci LP
• Chest Pain, The Primate’s Advantage 7”

Sean Koepenick
1. ALL, Pummel LP
2. Bash & Pop, Friday Night Is Killing Me LP
3. Black Star Riders, Heavy Fire LP
4. Career Suicide, Machine Response LP
5. Paul Collins Beat, Long Time Gone / To Beat or Not to Beat LP

Susan de Place
I Listen to Audio Books at Work, and They’re Best When Read by the Author. Some Recent Favorites:
• Carrie Brownstein, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl
• Kim Gordon, Girl in a Band
• NOFX, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories
• John Taylor, In the Pleasure Groove
• Patti Smith, Just Kids

Theresa W.
Top Five Spring Records
1. Billy Reese Peters / Grabass Charlestons, split 12”
2. La Pêche, Bright and Bending EP
3. Tanya Tagaq, Retribution LP
4. Bridge And Tunnel, Indoor Voices EP
5. Lawrence Arms, Cocktails and Dreams LP

Tim Brooks
• Primal Rite, Sensory Link to Pain EP
• Power Trip, Nightmare Logic LP
• Martyrdod, List LP
• Rixe, Bapteme De Feu EP
• Fatigue, Scab EP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. The Wailing
2. Over the Garden Wall
3. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
4. The Innocents
5. The Barkley Marathons

Todd Taylor
• Cyanide Pills, Sliced and Diced LP
• Marriage Material demo
• Crusades, This Is a Sickness, and Sickness Will End LP
Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince (book) tie The Autobiography of Malcolm X (book)
• Western Addiction, Tremulous LP

Tricia Ramos
1. Watching Hard Ticket to Hawaii for the first time
2. Quaaludes benefit show for Jonny
3. Preening show at The Know
4. The Coathangers show at Mississippi Studios
5. Vog, Maximum EyeRoll CS

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