Top 5s from Razorcake 97: Career Suicide, The Globs, Future Virgins, Wreck Of The Zephyr, Mikey Erg!, Liquids, and Cayetana

Apr 13, 2017

(gliched cover by candice)

Adam Perry
• Tilt, The Criminals, live at Gilman, 01/01/17
• Dave Hause And The Mermaid, toyGuitar, live at Thee Parkside, 02/04/17
• The Women’s March in Oakland, 01/21/17
• Sleater-Kinney, Live in Paris LP
• Welcoming Adela Elizabeth Covington into the world! (01/16/17)

Andy Garcia
1. Uranium Club, All of Them Naturals LP
2. Annie Anxiety, Soul Possession LP
3. The Wraith, Shadow Flag EP
4. The Autistics, Turn Up the Volts LP
5. Erick Nervous, Teen Distortion Art Junk Music EP

Aphid Peewit
• Dead Ending, Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back 7”
• D.O.A., Fucked Up Donald 7”
• Lumpy And The Dumpers, Huff my Sack LP
Gimme Danger: Story of the Stooges DVD
• Guyana Punch Line, Maximum Smashism

Art Ettinger
• Various Artists, Oi! the Tape Volume 2 CS
• ANTiSEEN, Live at Rebel Sound Pittsfield, MA 11-20-2010 CD
• The Dollyrots, Whiplash Splash LP
• Greg Graffin, Millport LP
• The Bombpops, Fear of Missing Out LP

Billy Kostka
• Lysol, Wired 7”
• Midnight Mines, If You Can’t Find a Partner Use a Wooden Chair
• Booji Boys, Self-titled
• Beta Boys, After Dark
• The Dead C, Trouble

Candace Hansen
Top 5 Spring Cleaning Punk House Mysteries
1. It is safe to eat old Del Taco and Taco Bell hot sauces in the hot sauce drawer or should we start over?
2. Where did all these Guitar Hero controllers come from?
3. I’ve seen an “Everyone wants the revolution but nobody wants to do the dishes” poster at punk houses all over while on tour. Why is this true? Where can I get said poster?
4. Why do random computer towers seem to multiply when left in a garage?
5. Whose socks are these?

Chris Mason
1. Sex Stains, Self-titled LP
2. Big Eyes, Stake My Claim LP
3. Run The Jewels, 3 LP
4. Mia Loucks, Sister Honey Demos LP
5. A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here...Thank You for Your Service LP

Craven Rock
1. Women’s March on Washington and solidarity actions around the world (Honorable Mention: J20)
2. Visiting Berlin
3. Seeing Bosch and Goya paintings at Prado, Madrid, Spain
4. Tie: Los Angelos Detraktos, Les Fils Burroughs, Dead Licks at La Comedia (best bar ever!) in Paris vs. Stage Bottles, Vostok, Tension at Gruta 77, Madrid
5. Eric King’s statement after getting ten years for Ferguson solidarity action

Cynthia Pinedo
Five Things to Have with You at a Show Once You Hit Your 30s, Part 1:
1. Cash to buy merch and support touring bands. Not every venue has guaranteed wifi for a card reader. Some bands don’t even have card readers and keep it old school with flip phones.
2. A reusable water bottle. You may get parched while singing/screaming along to your favorite bands, or being a wallflower. Can also be used to rehydrate after an intense jaunt around the pit.
3. Earplugs to protect yourself if you don’t already have tinnitus from years of loud punk/hardcore shows, or preventing it from getting worse if you do.
4. Insoles for your Vans/Converse/Dr. Martins/New Balance/Saucony/whatever shoes. Your feet will thank you, especially after a music festival.
5. A good stretching routine. You will feel everything in the morning.

Daisy Noemi
• The Wake, Here Comes Everybody
• The Field Mice, Snowball
• Orange Juice, Rip It Up
• Having crushes on all my zine friends
• That it’s actually raining in L.A. (somewhat)

Daryl Gussin
• Career Suicide, Machine Response LP
• Mia Loucks, Sister Honey Demos LP
• The Globs, Do You Feel Weird? CS
• Mark Cone, Kid Chrome, and SBF, live at Cobraside
• Rough Kids, live at Save The Music In Chinatown 11

Eden Kittiver
Top 5 Songs for Your “House Cleaning” Playlist
1. PUP, “Familiar Patterns”
2. Squarecrow, “Right On”
3. Great Apes, “Brown Dots”
4. Dear Landlord, “I Live in Hell”
5. T.V. Microwave, “Mispronounced”

George Lopez
• Acrylics, Despair 7”
• Young Guv & The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong 12”
• Razorcake <3s Drinkin’ Beer & Listenin’ to Records February edition: with DJs Jade One Hitter, Meztli Hernandez, Dumbag Daryl spinnin’ some mad rekkids!
• The Rantouls, In the Village of Rantoul
• Finally getting to watch The Day My Kid Went Punk. Spazz!

Griffin Wynne
• The Spook School, Try to Be Hopeful LP (Came with a handwritten note that said “You Wynne some, you loose some!”)
• Kyra Gross’s, I Love Jesus and I Know Where My Clitoris Is zine and T-shirt
• Parasol, Not There LP
• That Dog, Retreat from the Sun CD
• Neutral Shirt, 2016 digital album

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Songs for Staying Angry
• Endeavor, “Semantics”
• Minor Threat, “I’m Seeing Red”
• Subhumans, “It’s Gonna Get Worse”
• TSOL, “Abolish Government” / “Silent Majority”
• F.U.’s, “Civil Defense”

Jessee Xeroxed
Top 5 Skateboard Related Shows I Totally Dig
B.S. with T.G on YouTube
Epicaly Later’d! on YouTube
Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding on YouTube
Abandoned with Rick McCrank on Viceland
The Weekend Buzz, Ride Channel on YouTube

Jimmy Alvarado
• La Tuya preparing for its next onslaught
• Corrupted Youth, Class Struggle LP
• Color TV, Self-titled 7" EP
• Low Culture, Places to Hide LP
A Cellar Full of Motown Vol. 1 comp CD

John Miskelly
Top Five Weirdest Things We’ve Somehow Found Ourselves on the Same Side as That Show Just How Fucked Up Things Are Right Now
1. The CIA
2. Mainstream news media
3. Alec Baldwin
4. Kelloggs
5. Certain members of the Rockettes

Juan Espinosa
• Nosferatu, Hardcore Sounds 7”
• Deny The Cross, Alpha Ghoul LP
• Mellow Harsher / Internal Rot, Split 7”
• Sepultura, The Roadrunner Years 6 x LP
• Return to podcasting!

Kayla Greet
1. Murder City Devils and Constant Lovers at The Crocodile, Seattle
2. Lemuria, Cayetana, Mikey Erg! at The Sunset Tavern, Seattle
3. Turning thirty-two in L.A. with RZC buds and Marriage Material / Field trip to the Banning Pinball Museum with Todd and Jennifer
4. Run The Jewels, 3
5. Basement, Promise Everything

Kevin Dunn
1. Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate
2. NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub (book)
3. Wonk Unit, Mr. Splashy
4. Boilerman, Feel Ways About Stuff
5. Bong Mountain, You’re Doing Great

Kurt Morris
1. Black Flag, My War
2. Black Flag, 1982 Demos
3. The Tragically Hip, Yer Favourites
4. Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell
5. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, L.A.M.F

Mark Twistworthy
• Open City, Self-titled LP
• Lê Almeida, Todas as Brisas LP
• Uranium Club, All of Them Naturals LP
• Mothercountry Motherfuckers, Confidential Human Source LP
• Meatbodies, Alice LP

Marty Ploy
• Wonk Unit, Mr. Splashy
• Odd Robot, A Late Night Panic
• Future Virgins, Dirty Smiles 7” Anthology
• Allison Crutchfield, Tourist in This Town
• Kira Jari, Self-titled

Matt Average
• Amarok, live at the Handbag Factory, and new recordings
• Denizenz, Self-titled LP
• Electric Wizard, anything
• Sun Ra, anything
• Os Brazoes, Self-titled LP

Megan Razzetti
• Dave Hause & The Mermaid record release show at The Redwood, 02/02/17
• Beach Slang, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
• Lemuria, Mikey Erg!, and Cayetana at The Echo, 01/27/17
• Blasting Dead Bars on the way to class every morning
• Vegan donuts

Michael Fournier
• Trophy Wife, Governess, Patsy Decline at St. Stephen’s Church, Washington, DC 02/11/17
Fluke Fanzine #14
• Negative Scanner, Self-titled LP
• Pure Disgust, Self-titled LP
• Eileen Myles, I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems 1975-2014

Mike Dumps
1. Bash & Pop, Anything Could Happen
2. Ryan Adams, Prisoner
3. Color TV, Self-titled 7”
4. City Of Caterpillar, Self-titled reissue
5. Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly

Mike Faloon
1. Ergs!, Goddamn Death Song Dedication 7” EP
2. ESP Ohio, Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean LP
3. Alejandro Escovedo, Burn Something Beautiful LP
4. Mary Halvorson, Away with You CD
5. Lisa Mezzacappa, avantNOIR CD

Mike Frame
1. Jeff Dahl, Made in Hawaii CD
2. Cody Jinks, I’m Not the Devil CD
3. Alejandro Escovedo, Burn Something Beautiful CD
4. Chelle Rose, Blue Ridge Blood CD
5. Art of War and 1984, audio books

• Bust! at Ian’s Party
• The Brokedowns, Life Is a Breeze CD
• Finding a $100 bill on the ground
• Wearing a different shirt every day this year
Doogie Howser, M.D.

Paul Comeau
Five Books to Get You Through the Next Four Years
1. The Dispossessed, Ursula K. LeGuin
2. Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire
3. The Radical Reader, Timothy Patrick McCarthy and John McMillian eds.
4. Living My Life, Emma Goldman (2 vols.)
5. No Gods, No Masters, Daniel Guerin

Paul Silver
1. Odd Robot, A Late Night Panic LP
2. Why Are We Doing This in Front of People documentary film about Octagrape’s fateful East Coast tour
3. La Escalera New Year’s Eve at Tower Bar, San Diego, with Caskitt, Western Settings, DFMK, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Rebels & Traitors, Ninja Night Race, and New Way On
4. Half Man, Sam Howden, Buckley’s Angel, The Last Minute, and Cameron Royce at The Che Café, San Diego
5. Getting involved in the Courageous Resistance campaign to resist Trump’s agenda

Rev Nørb
• Cheap Cassettes, All Anxious, All the Time CD
• Peripherique Est, Ring Est 12” 45
• Moondogs, When Sixteen Wasn't So Sweet 12” 45
• The Connection, Just For Fun CD
• Durien Brothers / Ensemble Skalectrik, Split 12” 45

Richard Cocksedge
• Super Unison, Auto LP
• Nerve Quakes, A New State LP
• Marcel Duchamp, La Vida De Las Personas LP
• Liquids, Hot Liqs LP
• Idiota Civilizzato, La Vita Silenziosa 7”

Rosie Gonce
Top 5 Songs on My Playlist Now
1. “Can You Deal?” Bleached, single
2. “Vacant” Decent Criminal, Self-titled LP
3. “Death” Decent Criminal, Self-titled LP
4. “Yin-Yang Smile” Vacation, Non-Person LP
5. “All in a Day’s Lurk” The Bombpops, Fear of Missing Out LP

Ryan Nichols
1. Hostage Records
2. Mad Parade, Real Horror Show (1983-1983 Demos) LP
3. VHS, Gift of Life LP
4. T.S.O.L., Trigger Complex LP
5. Celluloid, Death Rides West

Sal Lucci
Money Has Been Tight Lately, So I’ve Been in the Used Bins More Often Than Not
1. Sooprize Package (garage/budget rock zine, c.1995)
2. Spastics 7” (Rip Off Records, 1996)
3. Fells, “Fun Date” b/w “Easy Rider” 7” (c. 1992)
4. Cosmic Dancer: The Life and Music of Marc Bolan, book (2012)
5. John Wesley Coleman, Microwave Dreams LP (I did buy something new recently!)

Sean Arenas
Recommended Reading for Horror Movie Buffs
• Dark Carnival: The Secret World of Tod Browning by David J. Skal
Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror by W. Scott Poole
Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents
by Stephen Thrower
Profondo Argento: The Man, the Myths & the Magic by Alan Jones
Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits edited by Sam Richard and MP Johnson

Sean Koepenick
New Books I Want to Read
1. The Prodigal Rogerson by J. Hunter Bennett
2. Lonely Boy by Steve Jones
3. Cured by Lol Tolhurst
4. I Survived D.O.A. by Randy Rampage
5. My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor by Keith Morris and Jim Ruland

Simone Carter
Top 5 Singles of 2017 (So Far)
• “Thorns” by Pallbearer
• “Texas” by Pile
• “Deny” by King Woman
• “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” by Power Trip
• “Ignorecam” by Pissed Jeans

Theresa W.
1. Deadaires, “Boom Boom”
2. Helms Alee, “Galloping Mind Fuk”
3. Craig Werden, “I Am a Wolf”
4. Wild Powwers, “Wet ‘n’ Wild”
5. Twelve Hour Turn, “No Tomorrow”

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Tickled
2. A Fat Wreck
3. A Man Called Ove
4. Riot on the Dance Floor
5. The Edge of Seventeen

Todd Taylor
• Wreck Of The Zephyr, After Myths of Youth LP
• Uranium Club, All of Them Naturals LP
• Lysol, Wired 7”
• Drakulas, Raw Wave LP
Streetopia (book) and Scam #10 (zine), both edited by Erick Lyle
• Unreleased, unmastered Worriers tracks