Top 5s Razorcake 115: Partial Traces, Subhumans, Midnite Snaxxx, Notches, Chubby & The Gang, Xetas, Eerie Family

Partial Traces are a really good band. You should listen to them. Illustration by Rick V.

Andy Garcia
1. Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story (book)
2. Subhumans, Crisis Point LP
3. Ugly, Covered in Red CS
4. Alien Nosejob, Suddenly Everything Is Twice as Loud LP
5. Crybaby, demo

Anthony Mehlhaff
1. Fucked And Bound, “Suffrage” 
2. Melted Bodies, “Club Anxious”
3. Shit Coffins, “Termination”
4. Shred Bundy, “Promo Single”
5. Midnight, “Rebirth of Blasphemy”

Aphid Peewit
Anti-Nowhere League: We Are the League (DVD+CD)
Scream with Me: The Enduring Legacy of the Misfits by Jeremy Dean and Tom Bejgrowicz (book)
• Melvins / Flipper, Split CD
• Subhumans, Crisis Point LP
What Is Post-Modern Conservatism by Matthew McManus (book)

Art Ettinger
• The Globs, The Weird and Wonderful World of the Globs LP
• The Templars, 1118-1312 12” EP 2020 reissue
• The Microbials, No Retreat
• Raging Nathans / Dead Bars, Split 7”
• Fairytale, 2 Track Tour Flexi 7”

Bill Pinkel
• Dark Thoughts, Must Be Nice LP
• Cavemen, Night After Night LP
• Midnite Snaxxx, Music Inside LP
• Laika’s Orbit, Chosen No Ones LP
• Xetas, The Cypher LP

Chad Williams
• Midnight, Rebirth by Blasphemy LP
• D.O.A., 1978 LP comp
• Sloppy Seconds, Endless Bummer LP reissue
• Chubby & The Gang, Speed Kills LP
• Charger, Watch Your Back 12”

Chris Mason
1. Mr. Wrong, Create a Place
2. Pleasure Leftists, The Gate
3. Chain Cult, Shallow Grave
4. The Whiffs, Another Whiff
5. TV Crime, Metal Town

Chris Terry
• Platinum Boys, Raw Romance LP
• Jumpstarted Plowhards, Round One CD
• Mdou Moctar, Ilana (The Creator) LP
• Alice Coltrane, World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda LP
• Chubby & The Gang, Speed Kills LP

Craven Rock
1. Revisiting The Whistling Song by Stephen Beachy and the four-leaf clover someone tossed in it while I was reading before running away (it’s a very magical book)
2. Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus by Aaron Cometbus
3. The Golliwogs, Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 LP (Creedence before they were Creedence)
4. Another Day of Life (movie)
5. Hidden Spots, New Me/New You LP

Daryl Gussin
• Notches, New Kinda Love LP
• Partial Traces, Low Definitions LP
• The Missed, Self-titled 7”
• K. Campbell, “Chords Come Easy” b/w “Static Threads” CS
• Burning through ten U.K. cities in ten days in the name of DIY, zines, and the secular appreciation of centuries-old cathedrals. Thingo was played, Doom Bar was drank, vegan haggis was eaten. Endless thanks to everyone helped out along the way, and my absolute rocks of tourmates: Donna, Emma, and Mycul.

Deb Frazin
1. The mind-blowing bacon cheeseburger I ate at Rick’s in Silverlake
2. WÜRM, Fur Dixon, Slaughterhouse, and Otniel Y Los Condors at Save Music In Chinatown
3. The bad-ass Slaughterhouse T-shirt I bought at their show at The Moroccan
4. M80, Apathy EP
5. The delicious orange-infused IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery (incredible)!

Designated Dale
Top 5 Classic Comedy Go-Tos
• Lenny Bruce, Thank You Mask Man (animated short film) 
• Don Rickles, Hello Dummy! LP
• Cheech & Chong, Big Bambú LP
• Paul Mooney, Race LP
• Dave Chappelle, Chappelle’s Show (any and all seasons)

Donna Ramone
Top 5 Moments of the Razorcake U.K. Reading Tour
1. Spending time with friends, new and old. With love and camaraderie to Emma, Mycul, Graeme, Erica, Nathan, Hannah, James, Derrick, and everyone else. You’re all doing incredible, important things. 
3. Annoying everyone by reminiscing about the Best Summer of Our Lives (2003)™, with Emma. Now we have the Best Winter of Our Lives (2020) to forever look back on. 
4. Discovering Mycul was also a total goth weenie and making everyone else go with us to every single graveyard. Mostly to take photos. 
5. Seeing a vampire. And a unicorn. And Daryl talking with me for five hours. I swear to glob all of these things actually happened.

Eric Baskauskas
1. Man-Eaters, Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul
2. Tubeway Army, Self-titled
3. Angel Olsen, All Mirrors
4. Sam Ryser, Welcome to Dripper World (book)
5. Chubby & The Gang, Speed Kills

James Spooner
• Cheyenne Sol Nova (tattoo machine)
Replay by Ken Grimwood
• “Los Frikis” episode of RadioLab podcast
• @Poc_punk Instagram page 
• Frail, Make Your Own Noise discography

Jimmy Alvarado
• Armando Alvarado 1955-2020. Thanks for being my big brother.
• Muffs, No Holiday 2 x LP
• Fitness Womxn, New Age Record LP
• Lot Lizard, Self-titled LP
• Beltones, Cheap Trinkets LP

Joe Dana
1. Razorcake Hearts Drinking Beer and Listening to Records had its third annual chili cook off at Footsies in January.
2. Blaire Wesson was our grand prize winner. Jennifer Vela was our people’s choice. Rory Roach was our second place.
3. We had celebrity judges: DJ Teddyboi Bloom, Ronnie Barnett from the Muffs, and Desi Jedeikin from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcasts
4. Our fantastic vinyl-only DJs were Juan 38, DJ Little D, and Dumbag Daryl.
5. We have our Razorcake Happy Hour at Footsies the second Saturday of every month at Footsies. If you’re coming to the L.A. area, please join us for punk rock and good times. Would love to meet you!

Juan Espinosa
• Powerplant, People of the Sun LP
• Vacancy, Self-titled EP
• Rata Negra, La Hija del Sepulturero 7”
• Statues, Same Bodies, Same Faces 7”
30 Rock TV series, Seasons 1-4

Kayla Greet
• Seattle Pop Punk Fest day 3: Seeing The Ergs! for the first time while they played all of upstairs/downstairs and then some!
• Seattle Pop Punk Fest day 2: Dead Bars as an eight-piece band! Low Culture! Choke The Pope! Sicko!
• The Damage Done, Beverly Crusher, and Item Finder at The Kraken, Seattle
• Pop Punk Dim Sum with Sicko and Art Ettinger!
• Every show I saw, or pinball machine I played with Lenny Jackson, as well as every time I saw Black Breath play, or lost a game of pinball to Elijah “ELF” Nelson. I love and miss them both terribly. Rest in power dudes. \m/

Kevin Dunn
1. More Kicks, Self-titled
2. Curtis Mayfield, Roots
3. Sarchasm, We Covered Nirvana So You Don’t Have To EP
4. Raging Nathans / Dead Bars, Split EP
5. Down And Outs, Keep Walking

Kurt Morris
1. Drug Church, Cheer
2. Pedro The Lion, Phoenix
3. Bremer/McCoy, Forsvinder
4. Bremer/McCoy, Utopia
5. Dinosaur Jr., I Bet on Sky

Liz Jones
Punk or Not?
• Putting a hold on every movie labeled “punk” at the library.
• Giving the nod to the other freak at the copy shop.
• My grandparents putting my record on display in their bedroom.
• A six-year-old telling me unknown trivia about the Ramones.
• Paying a professional for a stick and poke tattoo.

Mark Twistworthy
• Bauwaves, U R Everything LP
• Bauwaves, U R Everything LP
• Bauwaves, U R Everything LP
• Bauwaves, U R Everything LP
• Bauwaves, U R Everything LP

Martin Wong
1. WÜRM, Fur Dixon, Slaughterhouse, and Otniel Y Los Condors at Save Music in Chinatown 20. First show for Chuck Dukowski’s pre-Black Flag band since 1985! Surprise appearance by The Linda Lindas backing up the ex-Cramp! Two of my favorite new bands!
2. Thelonious Monster and The Bicycle Thief at a house show, Dengue Fever on a rooftop.
3. Family trip to Athens, Greece.
4. The third Legends of the Condor Heroes book getting translated into English.
5. Linda Lindas recording their first original song, playing at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, setting up a spring tour…

Mike Faloon
1. Jaimie Branch, Fly or Die II LP
2. Kris Davis, Diatom Ribbons CD
3. David Kilgour, Bobbie’s a Girl CD
4. Junius Paul, Ism 2 x LP
5. The World, Reddish 12” EP

Mike Fournier
• Exmaid, Sorcery LP
• Xetas, The Cypher LP
• The Bedrooms, Passive Viewing LP
• Todd Dills, Shining Man (book)
• Dave Newman, East Pittsburgh Downlow (book)

Mike Frame
• Drive By Truckers, The Unraveling
• Chris Knight, live in Denver
The L Word: Generation Q series
• Ghostsong Elegy, live in Rapid City
• Poison Boys, Poppin’ Eyes 7”

Paul Comeau
1. Don Chicharrón, “Valle” b/w “En La Gruta Del Rey de la Montaña” 7”
2. Kontakta, Life in a Cage 7”
3. First In Line, Wake Up! CD
4. Cavexrage, I Believe In… CS
5. Jack Acid, “Gutless” b/w “Lo-Hi” 7”

Paul Silver
1. Dillinger Four 25th Anniversary show, with Pegboy, The Brokedowns, and Partial Traces at First Avenue, Minneapolis
2. Vagabonnies Roadshow (Stacey Dee, Jennie Cotterill, Jen Carlson, Jen Johnson, Jen Razavi, Michelle Beebs, Brandie Posey) at Amplified Eat Village’s Acid Vault, San Diego
3. Personality Cult, New Arrows LP
4. Stay Out, Always Late LP
5. Guerilla Poubelle, L’Ennui LP

Rene Navarro
1. Thirsty Thursdays Presented by The Dollar Boys
2. Teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
3. Free Razorcake punk shows in L.A.
4. Big Country
5. Sonido Del Valle, record store

Rev. Nørb
• Midnight Snaxxx, Music Inside LP
• Crime, San Francisco’s First and Only Rock’n’Roll Band: Live 1978 2 x 45 / DVD
• Whiffs, Another Whiff LP
• EPHS, No Riots CS
• Revillos, Compendium of Weird LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Dealing With Damage, Ask the Questions CD
• Rata Negra, La Hija del Sepulturero 7”EP (Thank you Juan Espinosa!)
• Pogendroblem, Erziehung zur Müdigkeit LP
• Scarecrow, Revenge 7”EP
• Soakie, Self-titled 12”

Rick V.
1. ISS, Alles 3rd Gut LP
2. Subhumans, Crisis Point LP
3. Razorcake Podcast #664 with Rene Navarro
4. The Julie Ruin, Hit Reset LP
5. Finding out the 2001 arcade game Zupapa! is out on Switch/PS4

Ryan Nichols
1. Castaic
2. Soft Kill
3. Elephant Rifle at Gold Diggers, Hollywood, Calif.
4. Strange Cures by Rob Zabrecky (book)
5. Kitty Man

Sean Koepenick
Heavy Rotation
1. The Ratz, After the Blackout 7”
2. XxX Fanzine 1983-1988 by Mike Gitter, edited by Chris Wrenn (book)
3. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
4.The Psychedelic Furs, Made of Rain (First new record in twenty-nine years!)
5. Night Train by Thom Jones (book)

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. The Motel Life
2. For Sama
3. The Man Who Saved the World
4. The Transfiguration
5. Midnight Family

Todd Taylor
• Partial Traces, Low Definitions LP
• Notches, New Kinda Love LP
• Eerie Family, Self-titled LP
• Fuerza Bruta, Verdugo LP
Four-Year Depression by Billy McCall (book)
• D.O.A., 1978 LP comp

Ty Stranglehold
1. Onionhouse 7” (RIP Dave del Castillo)
2. Death Eyes LP (RIP Alberto Jurado)
3. The Suitesixteen, Mine Would Be the Sun 2 x LP
4. Eerie Family, Self-titled LP
5. Spermbirds, Go To Hell Then Turn Left LP 

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