Top 5s of Razorcake 104 featuring: Alice Bag, Dee Cracks, Hot Snakes

Top 5s from Razorcake 104 featuring: Alice Bag

Top 5s from Razorcake 104 featuring: Alice Bag, Dee Cracks, Screaming Females, Hot Snakes, Future Virgins

Illustration by Shane Milner: @talsorian

Andy Garcia
1. Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Self-titled LP
2. Devil Master, Self-titled 7”
3. Haram, live at The Resident, 3/31/18
4. Futura, Spit on the Flag 7”
5. Alice Bag, Blueprint LP

Anna Farr
• Drinks, Hippo Lite
• Ulli Lust, Voices in the Dark
• Efrim Menuck, Pissing Stars
• No Age, Snares like a Haircut
• Czarface And MF DOOM, Czarface Meets Metal Face

Art Ettinger
33 1/3: Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (or, The Strange Death of Selling Out) by Ronen Givony (book)
• The Brass, Our Own Path LP
• The Droogettes, Clockwork Girls LP
• Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog LP
• The Bombpops, Dear Beer 7”

Bill Pinkel
• Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP
• Canadian Rifle, Peaceful Death LP
• Culture Abuse, Peach LP
• Shannon And The Clams, Onion LP
• Jawbreaker, live at the Palladium!

Billy Kostka
• Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Self-titled LP
• Aquarium LP
• The Fritz LP
• Sun Araw, LIVEPHREAXXX!!!!
• X-20, Peep-Hole

Camylle Reynolds
Debauch-a-Reno III: the Sticker Guy! 25th Anniv. Bash!
1. Reigning Sound fucking blew my mind
2. Outside Mummies set, Reverend Beat-Man, and Nightmare Boyzzz
3. Hangover cure at Canter’s Delicatessen
4. Neck Chop Records booth at the Reno Vinyl Record Fair
5. Playing with the Midnite Snaxxx, of course, and getting my first and only Snaxxx tattoo

Chad Williams
1. Descendents, Who We Are 7”
2. War On Women, Capture the Flag LP
3. The Wanna-Bes, Out Went the Lights LP
4. Midnight, Sweet Death and Ecstasy LP
5. DeeCracks, Sonic Delusions LP

Chris Mason
1. Future Virgins, Doomsday Raga
2. Silent Era, O Horizon
3. Mount Eerie, Here Now
4. Screaming Females, All at Once
5. Superchunk, What a Time to Be Alive

Chris Terry
• Totally Slow, Imperium EP
• Jean Grae & Quelle Chris, Everything Is Fine LP
• Turnstile, Time & Space LP
The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas (novel)
This Is Memorial Device, David Keenan (novel)

Craven Rock
1. Conflict Is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman (book)
2. Taking Improv 101 class at Jet City Improv
3. Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissel (book)
4. Tie: T.S.O.L, The Derelicts, Dreadful Children at El Corazon and Jordan O’ Jordan, Sara Renberg at Woodland Theater
5. L’il B, I’m Gay (I’m Happy)

Cynthia Pinedo
5 Spring Jams
1. Screaming Females All at Once, especially “I’ll Make You Sorry” and “Glasshouse.”
2. Frankie Cosmos, Vessel. Dreamy indie pop. “Being Alive” is my favorite track.
3. Mean Jeans, Jingles
4. Caves, Always Why
5. Beth Ditto at the Glasshouse on 3/24/18

Daryl Gussin
• Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP
• Pinned In Place, Rubbernecking at the Gates of Hell CS
• Shark Toys, Labyrinths LP and live
• Vnlvx, Is Unlux CS and live
• Limp Wrist, live

Designated Dale
1. Molotov unplugged recording at Quarry Studios in Mexico City. The DF’s own rock it out acoustic style with a few special guests. Television/DVD to follow later this year.
2. The Hates, Mish Bondage, and La Tuya at Cafe NELA. The older set still bringing the noise to the masses.
3. Mike Watt & The Missingmen at Pop Obscure Records. Holy shit!
4. Congratulations to Larry and Martha May for tying the knot this past March. Let the rock gods smile upon thee.
5. The Vapors debut, New Clear Days. Forgot how darn great this LP is. Dig it out when you get a chance.

Eden Kittiver
1. Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog
2. Alice Bag, Blueprint
3. Free Throw, Missing Pieces
4. War On Women, Capture the Flag
5. Red City Radio, SkyTigers

Eric Baskauskas
1. Weird Al and Emo Philips, live in Chicago
2. Doom Orchestra, live in Copenhagen
3. C.H.E.W., live in Chicago outside in the middle of the day in the middle of winter
4. Rash / C.H.E.W., Split 7”
5. Mammoth Grinder, live in Chicago

Gabby Gonzalez
Punk of Today
• Love Fiend
• Vaguess
• Modpods
• Media Jeweler
• Tracy Bryant

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Bands When I’m Feeling Down Under
1. Total Control
2. The Birthday Party
3. Subversion
4. Straight Arrows
5. Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Jimmy Alvarado
• Wu Tang Clan, Wu Tang Forever 2 x CD
• The Hates, Mish Bondage And The Blokes, La Tuya at Café NELA, 3/31/18
• Mike Watt & The Missingmen at Pop Obscure Records, 3/31/18
Safety in Numbers, by Adam Wilson (book)
• Thelonius Monk Quartet, At Carnegie Hall CD

Joe Dana
1. Last minute road trip to S.F. to catch the Bananas and Fleshies at the Knock Out
2. Last minute decision to see Jawbreaker for just $6 on Stubhub just a short walk from my house
3. Dan Savage’s Hump Film Festival, Amateur Porn Film Festival at the Downtown Independent Theater
4. DJing with Kash Abdulmalik for “Sex and Violence” at 82, tie with DJing with Jeff Proctor for “With Special Guest Joe Dana” at 82
5. Razorcake Hearts Drinking Beer and Listening to Records at Footsies in Los Angeles—second Saturday of every month

Jon Mule
Next Punk-Beer Market Pairings….
• Bad Grains
• Black Ales in the Sunset
• Double Cervezas on the Lime
• Millions of Dead Hops
• Q: Are we not 21? A: We are thirsty!

Juan Espinosa
• Witch Trial, Self-titled 12” EP
• Bend Sinister, Tape2 LP
• Cadaver Dog, Dying Breed LP, tie with Suburbanite, Self-titled LP
• No Age, Snares like a Haircut LP
• Bad Religion, Stranger than Fiction LP reissue

Kayla Greet
1. Red Dons, Criminal Code, Nux Novacula at Clock Out Lounge, Seattle and Red Dons, Piss Test, Broken Spirit at Black Water, Portland. Thanks for driving Toby!
2. Neighborhood Brats and Dead Bars at Victory Lounge, Seattle
3. Dee Cracks, Sonic Delusions
4. Lost Balloons at Victory Lounge, Seattle
5. Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Kevin Dunn
1. Raging Nathans, Cheap Fame LP
2. 50 Foot Wave, Bath White EP
3. Sarchasm, Tides EP
4. Shrimps, Solid LP
5. The Mons, Trust No One LP

Kurt Morris
1. Shame, Songs of Praise
2. Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens
3. Crusades, This Is a Sickness…
4. Slayer (everything)
5. Black Flag, Damaged

Five New Tricks This Old Dog Has Been Learning As of Late
1. The joy of pot
2. The joy of iPad Pro
3. Venmo
4. That’s it, I’m too old and stoned.

Mark Twistworthy
• Gino And The Goons, Rip It Up! LP
• Yard Work, Earn the Rock LP
• Shame, Songs of Praise LP
• The Shifters, Self-titled LP
• Vlaar, Self-titled LP

Marty Ploy
• Mind Spiders, Furies
• None More Black, This Is Satire
Partial Traces, Glass Beach
• Future Virgins, Doomsday Raga
• Ursula, Meet Is Murder

Megan Razzetti
1. Gezan (Japan)
2. Mean Jeans, Jingles Collection
3. Kississippi, Sunset Blush
4. Alice Bag record release show with Trap Girl and Fatty Cakes And The Puff Pastries
5. SZA, 20 Something

Michael T. Fournier
• Superchunk, What a Time to Be Alive LP, and live at Sinclair, Cambridge, Mass. 4/6/18
• Screaming Females, All at Once 2 x LP and live at Sue’s, Rollinsford, N.H. 4/9/18 and at Flywheel, Easthampton, Mass. 4/11/18
• Messthetics debut LP and live at Space, Hamden, Conn. 4/19/18
• ExMaid, Fair Sex LP
• Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP

Mike Faloon
1. Future Virgins, Doomsday Raga LP
2. Mind Spiders, Prosthesis LP
3. Keb’ Mo & Taj Mahal, “Diving Duck Blues”
4. Tomeka Reid Quartet, Self-titled CD
5. Superchunk, What a Time to Be Alive LP

Mike Frame
• Camp Cope, How to Socialise and Make Friends CD
• Alice Cooper, first seven albums
• Enamorados, Self-titled LP
• Blaze Foley, Lost Muscle Shoals LP
• Cheetah Chrome & Mike Hudson, Downtown Beirut 7”

Paul Comeau
Top 5 Summer Albums
1. H2O, Thicker Than Water
2. Madball, Set It Off
3. 7 Seconds, Walk Together, Rock Together
4. AC/DC, High Voltage
5. Boogie Down Productions, By All Means Necessary

Paul Silver
1. Hot Snakes, The Widows, Sumatraban at The Casbah, San Diego
2. Spanish Love Songs, Schmaltz LP
3. Gūtara KYŌ, Destroy All Gondolas, Razor Nights at Til-Two Club, San Diego
4. The Shell Corporation, Fucked LP
5. The Fur Coats, Milkdromeda EP

Replay Dave
• Die Hoffnung, Elegies and Creation Songs LP
• Demo, Self-titled LP
• Ariel Gore, We Were Witches (novel)
• Radkey, Dark Black Makeup LP
• Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzimate LP

Rev. Nørb
• Rubs, Impossible Dream LP
• Real Kids, The Kids 1974 Demos/The Real Kids 1977/78 Demos/Live CD+Book
• Ruler, “Tiger” b/w “Gimme Some Noise” 45
• Telephone Lovers, Self-titled LP
• Giuda, “Rock’n’Roll Music” b/w “Born Under a Bad Sign” 45

Rich Cocksedge
• Idles, live at The Hub, Plymouth, U.K.
• The Palatines, Death from Below LP
• Various Artists, Typical Girls Volume 3 LP
• Krimewatch, Self-titled LP
• Mod Con, Modern Convenience

Ryan Nichols
1. Moaning, Self-titled LP
2. Johnny Marr, Set the Boy Free (book)
3. Soft Kill
4. Actors, It Will Come to You LP
5. Choir Boy

Sean Arenas
• Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP
• Ruler, “Tiger” b/w “Gimme Some Noise” 7”
• Sidetracked / Rabid Pigs, Split 7”
• ΝΟΜΟΣ 751, Self-titled LP
• Digital Leather, Pink Thunder LP

Sean Koepenick
Digital Only Releases
1. Rise Defy, Demo
2. Fireburn Shine/Controller
3. Two Man Advantage, Live at CBGB’s 8/4/02
4. The Tenafly Vipers, Reverse Tilt Action
5. Channels Backfeifengesicht/Airstrip One

Theresa W.
Top 5 Sunny Driving Songs
1. Kindling, “Blind Wave”
2. Kill Creek, “Cosmetic Surgery”
3. Mutoid Man, “Melt Your Mind”
4. Uncle Tupelo, “Gun”
5. Bitchin’, “Bargained”

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I have Recently Enjoyed
1. Killing of a Sacred Deer
2. The Insult
3. Before We Vanish
4. Pushing Dead
5. The Honeymoon Stand Up Special

Todd Taylor
• Alice Bag, Blueprint LP and live
• Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP
• Future Virgins, Doomsday Raga LP
A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James (book) and Johnnie Jungleguts, Life Sex Fandom (book)
• Bundles, Deaf Dogs LP
• Amyl And The Sniffers, Big Attraction/Giddy Up 12”

Ty Stranglehold
1. Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens LP
2. Mind Spiders, Furies LP
3. Alice Bag, Blueprint LP
4. Neighborhood Brats, Night Shift 7”
5. The Fritz, Self-titled LP


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