Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Mar 05, 2018

Top 5s from Razorcake 102: Fred Cole, Princess Nokia, Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Open Mike Eagle, The Tissues

Anna Farr
1. Purling Hiss, Breeze
2. Chastity Belt, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone LP
3. Kamikaze Palm Tree, The Ocean Is the Final Solution
4. Parquet Courts, Human Performance LP
5. Writing reviews for Razorcake!

Art Ettinger
• Ripcordz, The Vinyl Countdown 2 x LP
• #Goals, Self-titled CD
• Ramones, Rocket to Russia (40th Anniversary Edition) box set
• Jawbreaker, Demo (remixed/remastered)
• Spider Crew, Sounds of Hatred LP

Billy Kostka
Top 5 Anticipated Releases of 2018
• Nandas LP
• The return of Katorga Works
• BB Eye LP
• A new Kaleidoscope 7”
• Black Panties, Dirt from the Mop 7”

Chad Williams
1. Malcolm Young, R.I.P.
2. Darius Koski, What Was Once Is By and Gone LP
3. The Templars, Deus Vult LP
4. Grave Return, Self-titled 12”
5. Remnants, Accomplices Not Allies LP

Chris Mason
1. Haram, When You Have Won, You Have Lost
2. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
3. Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here
4. Fox Face, Spoil + Destroy
5. Protomartyr, Relatives in Descent

Chris Terry
• Detached Objects, Dirt Birth 12”
• Fifteen, Self-titled 7”
• Room 101, One Man Band 12”
• Open Mike Eagle, Brick Body Kids Still Dream 12”
• Catapult is publishing my novel Magical Negroes in 2019

Clara Luci Acosta
1. Sic Waiting, Decent Criminal, Spanish Love Songs, and The Flatliners at Alex’s Bar in LBC on 12/14/17
2. Dead To Me starting their recording on “American Son of Cholo”
3. @addermusic
4. Camp Cope, The Opener
5. Passing all my classes during my first quarter at a four year!

Fred Cole RIP podcast Tim Brooks
(click to listen to the podcast)

Craven Rock
1. The lives and legacies of Fred Cole and Tom Petty. Loved those guys, Rest In Power
2. Tie: no. NOT EVER. at Henry Art Gallery (anti-fascist exhibit) and The Alt-Right Playbook (Youtube series)
3. Tie: The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula Le Guin (book) and Behind The Wheel 3: From Uber/Lyft to Taxi (zine)
4. This Is My Fest 4 in Oakland, spec. Captain 9’s And The Knickerbocker Trio, False Positives, Under 15 Seconds, DFMK, Ghoul, Year Of The Fist
5. Tie: Dunkirk and Moonlight (movies)

Daryl Gussin
• No Warning, Torture Culture LP
• dimber, Damber 7”
• Tin Foil, Self-titled LP
• Princess Nokia, 1992 Deluxe 2 x LP
• Kenny Kenny Oh Oh, I Will Not Negotiate LP

Dave Williams
Top Five LPs of 2017!
1. Hällas, Excerpts from a Future Past
2. Honeymoon Disease, Part Human, Mostly Beast
3. Night, Raft of the World
4. Propagandhi, Victory Lap
5. Mutoid Man, War Moans

Eric Baskauskas
1. Playing the Razorcake #100 bash *Midwest edition* with Tarantüla at Bric-A-Brac Records in Chicago
2. Tarantüla, Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate 7”
3. The Fest 16, it never disappoints
4. Debt Neglector, Atomicland LP
5. Direct Hit / Pears, Human Movement Split LP

Gabby Gonzalez
Top 5 Punk Bands of Today
1. Screw
2. Anxiety
3. Sin Motivo
4. Shux
5. Narc Parade (formerly Carbomb)

Garrett Barnwell
1. Weekend Dads, September Downs 12”
2. Pine Hill Haints, Smoke LP
3. Epic Problem, False Hopes EP
4. Chupra-Cobra, live
5. Roy Kaiser at Record Recycler

Indiana Laub
Top Five 2017 Songs
1. Vagabon, “Cold Apartment (Audiotree)”
2. healing powers, “an apparition”
3. Future Teens, “What’s My Sign Again?”
4. Wet The Rope, “Swing from the Heart”
5. Choke Up, “Full Bloom to Bedlam”

Jeff Proctor
Top Shows of 2017
1. Teenage Fanclub at the Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles
2. Hot Snakes at the Bell House, Brooklyn / Hot Snakes at the Middle East, Cambridge
3. Rocket From The Crypt at the North Park Observatory, San Diego
4. The Jesus Lizard at the Henry Fonda, Los Angeles / tie with Dinosaur Jr. at the Henry Fonda, Los Angeles
5. The Jesus And Mary Chain at the Wiltern, Los Angeles

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Ladies I Like to Listen to Whilst Baking
• Lola Beltrán (“Joyus”)
• Patsy Cline (“Her Legendary Recordings”)
• Ella Fitzgerald (“Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!”)
• Aretha Franklin (“Lady Soul”)
• Sarah Vaughan (“You’re Mine You”)

Jim Joyce
1. Picking Stuff Apart zine by Joshua James Amberson and Craven Rock
2. South Beloit Journal zine by John Porcellino
3. Vito Nusret of MPShows in Chicago, for reading zines in bars and booking Krayola
4. Muff Divers, Dreams of the Gentlest Texture LP
5. Kugali Comics Journal, a monthly pan-African comic magazine

Jimmy Alvarado
• My nephew, Logan Perez: The funniest, coolest cat I know.
• Razorcake hitting the 100 issue mark: so super proud of all of us, honored to be invited for the ride.
• Razorcake 100th issue show at Café NELA with DFMK, Pedal Strike, The Tissues and La Tuya: rad show, radder bands.
• La Tuya releasing its first album: again, super proud of us, proud to be invited for the ride.
• Café NELA: Hands down thee coolest spot in Los Angeles.

Juan Espinosa
• Brujeria, live at the Mayan Theatre, Downtown Los Angeles (shout out to Pull The Plug Radio)
• Swingin’ Utters, Drowning in the Sea, Rising with the Sun 2 x LP
• The World, First World Record LP
• Slimy Member, Ugly Music for Ugly People LP
• Los Angeles Dodgers World Series run. Came so close. We want that ring!

Kayla Greet
1. Jawbreaker and Kate Willett at Capitol Theater, Olympia, Wash.
2. Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, RVIVR, Bad Sleep at El Corazon, Seattle, Wash.
3. Hot Snakes, Dream Decay, Hurry Up at Chop Suey, Seattle, Wash.
4. Propagandhi, RVIVR, Bad Cop / Bad Cop at El Corazon, Seattle, Wash.
5. Pegboy, 88 Fingers Louie, The Lillingtons at 8 Seconds, Fest 16, Gainesville, Fla.

Kevin Dunn
1. Otokobe Beaver, Love Is Short!!
2. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Warriors
3. Petaka, Sebuah Dedikasi
4. Ted Leo, The Hanged Man
5. Cock Sparrer, Forever

Kurt Morris
1. Quicksand, Interiors
2. Converge, The Dusk in Us
3. Welcome to Library School (zine)
4. D Hunter mystery series (books)
5. Unsane, Sterilize

1. I finished drawing my next booook!
2. Spinning by Tillie Walden was so good I hugged it when I finished.
3. I tackled and contained a scared pit bull who was running around in traffic. Anyone have room for a young, sweet dog? Photos are on my Instagram.
4. Animal shelter volunteers are brave fucking saints. I want to give them everything.
5. Every illustration by Hellen Jo is the best thing ever.

Mark Twistworthy
• Les Thugs, LP re-issues!
• Boy Wonder LP
• Dog Faced Hermans, Humans Fly LP re-issue
• Godflesh, Post Self LP
• Hüsker Dü, Savage Young Dü LP set

Michael T. Fournier
• Liz Prince, Be Your Own Backing Band
• Angry Cougars, Bullshit Authority 7”
• Documentaries, Riot on the Dance Floor and Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker
• Notches, Change My Mind EP
• FFS fall 2017 readings with Mike Faloon and Jeff Schroeck in Greenpoint 10/20 (w/ Tobias Carroll and Cassie J. Sneider), Geneva NY 10/21 (w/Kevin Dunn) and Ithaca 10/22.

Mike Faloon
1. Jeff Parker, The New Breed LP
2. Weekend mini-tours (Thanks: Mike Fournier, Jeff Schroeck, Geneva Dunns, Cassie J. Sneider, and Tobias Carroll!)
3. Stevie Wonder, “I Love Having You Around”
4. Yawpers, Boy in a Well LP
5. Yes Masters, Self-titled LP (New Kurt Bloch!)

Mike Frame
1. Outsiders, Vital Years CD
2. John Coltrane, Chasing Trane (movie)
3. Black Tiger, Video Game
4. Guy Clark, entire catalog
5. L7, Pretend We’re Dead (movie)

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | SFCA
• Count Vaseline, Tales from the Megaflex LP (Georgia via Ireland indie pop)
• The Monsieurs, Deux LP (Boston garage punk)
• Hand & Leg, Self-titled LP (Greece fuzz punk)
• The Cops, First Offense LP (Houston, TX punk rock)
• Gay Witch Abortion, GWA/TGLH Split LP (Twin Cities noise rock)

Paul Comeau
My Top 5 favorite AC/DC Albums
RIP Malcolm Young!
1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
2. Highway to Hell
3. High Voltage
4. Back in Black
5. For Those about to Rock We Salute You

Paul Silver
1. Dag Nasty, Fireburn, Distant Beds, Let Rage at Soda Bar, San Diego
2. Pegboy, The Bollweevils, Airstream Futures, Breakmouth Annie at The Chop Shop, Chicago
3. Attic Salt, Self-titled LP
4. Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, Spells at Soda Bar, San Diego
5. Sincere Engineer in-store appearance at Reckless Records, Chicago

Rene Navarro
1. Visiting seven countries in seventeen days.
2. The Estranged, Static Thoughts
3. Having my own French press at work, where I’ve also discovered the glory of putting actual onions on an onion bagel lathered with cream cheese.
4. “Laughing at the System” by Total Control, which took me on the wild ride from “Do I like this?” to “Wow, this is great.” Thanks to Juan for posing the question.
5. Listening to Kendrick Lamar back in my holy trinity of hoods: TJ / SD / LA

Replay Dave
1. Rainer Maria, Self-titled LP
2. Worriers, Survival Pop LP
3. Herbie Hancock, Sextant
4. Superchunk, I Hate Music LP
5. Brian Allen Ellis, Something to Do with Self-Hate (novel)

Rev. Nørb
• Replacements, For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986 2 x LP
• Hüsker Dü, Savage Young Dü 3 x CD
• Various Artists, Tailgate Party 2 LP
• Fire Heads, Self-titled LP
• Woolly Bushmen, Arduino LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Limp Wrist, Exit Order, Acrylics (plus others) live at Static Shock Weekend, Nov. 11th
• Lemuria, Recreational Hate LP
• Machine Gun, Self-titled 7”
• The Celetoids, Pupal Stage LP
• Jesus And His Judgemental Father, It Might Get Better LP

Ryan Nichols
1. Soft Kill, Choke LP
2. David Shrigley, What the Hell Are You Doing? (book)
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Patchouli Death
5. Los Tucanes De Tijuana, “La Chona”

Sean Arenas
• Sushicorner, Konichiwow LP
• Heavy Pockets, Mopeless LP
• Bernays Propaganda, Na to igrišče ne smem LP
• Living on Soul by Cory Bailey & Jeff Broadway (documentary)
• Adult Magic, Self-titled 7”

Sean Koepenick
Catching up on reading, thanks jury duty!
1. Cowboy Song: The Authorized Biography of Thin Lizzy’s Philip Lynott by Graeme Thomson
2. Spoke, Compiled by Scott Crawford
3. Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements by Bob Mehr
4. The Night Manager by John Le Carré
5. The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady
2. Gilbert
3. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
4. The Problem with Apu
5. Lady Bird

Todd Taylor
• Iron Chic, You Can’t Stay Here LP tie Dopamines, Tales of Interest LP
Smoke City by Keith Rosson (book)
• Sweet Knives, Self-titled LP
• La Tuya, Self-titled CD
• Rixe, Collection LP tie Giuda, Racey Roller LP
Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (movie)

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 of 2017
• Needles//Pins, Good Night Tomorrow
• Piss Test, LP #2
• Cat Party, Rest in Post
• The Mons, Trust No One
• Career Suicide, Machine Response