Top 5s from Razorcake 100

Top 5s from Razorcake 100: Limp Wrist, Worriers, Marked Men, Vince Lombardi High School, Impalers, Cyanide Pills

Nov 27, 2017

Illustration by Rebecca Minjarez-Rodriguez,

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Andy Garcia
1. World Burns To Death, Here a Dream Dies Everyday LP
2. Limp Wrist, Facades LP
3. Sanction A, live at La Vitrola, 6/16/17
4. Oliver Sheppard, Destruction: Text I
5. Silent Age, demo

Alicia Armijo
1. Deap Vally, Femejism LP
2. Queens Of The Stone Age, “The Way You Used to Do”
3. Operation Ivy, Energy LP
4. Royal Blood, Self-titled LP
5. Death From Above 1979, The Physical World LP

Aphid Peewit
• MDC / Antidon’ts, No Trump, No KKK split 7”
• Lillingtons, Project 313 7”
• Meatmen / ANTiSEEN, Tribute with Two Heads split 7”
• Poison Idea / Angry Snowmans, Santa Claus Is Back... split 7”
• Feederz, What Would Hitler Do 7”

Art Ettinger
• ANTiSEEN, Obstinate LP
• Various Artists, I Hate My Fucking Band: A Japanese Tribute to M.O.T.O. CD
• Limp Wrist, Facades LP
• MDC, Mein Trumph CD
• Dead On The Streets, Self-titled LP

Bill Pinkel
• Sheer Mag, Need to Feel Your Love LP
• Lost Balloons, Hey Summer LP
• Royal Headache and Marked Men, live at the Regent (Holy shit!)
Tranny by Laura Jane Grace and Dan Ozzi (audio book read by Laura: highly recommended)
Punk 45 Chaos in the City of Angels and Devils: Punk in L.A. 1977-1981 compilation LP

Candace Hansen
1. Universe Is Lit Black and Brown Punk Fest. Holy shit, I still can’t get over how incredible it was. Squid Ink, Ugly, Dream Probe, Wizard Apprentice, My Parade! Ugh, so good!
2. Getting a dog. Poptart is so cute and weird.
3. Worriers at Acerogami. New single “Future Me” was the soundtrack to my summer.
4. Inverts and Trap Girl (and Manny as special guest sub) at Bridgetown DIY!
5. Getting into moisturizing. Who knew feet could be so soft?

Chris Mason
1. Exit Order, Seed of Hysteria LP
2. Flowers Of Evil, City of Fear LP
3. Pandemix, Scale Models of Atrocities LP
4. Waxahatchee, Out in the Storm LP
5. Mountain Goats, Goths LP

Chris Terry
1. Excessive Cruelty 12”
2. Both new Shabazz Palaces albums
3. See above
4. The Invaders by Karolina Waclawiak (novel)
5. Happy 100th, Razorcake!

Craven Rock
1. East Bay Area Development Arsonist(s) (GO! GO! GO!)
2. Autonomous Mutant Festival 21
3. I Am Not Your Negro (movie)
4. Dispatches from Ferguson Vol. 1 (zine)
5. Chumbawamba, Tubthumper CD

Clara Luci Acosta
Top 5 Things That Happened This Summer (In No Particular Order)
• Became a Cal Poly Pomona Bronco
• Left the country for the first time in my life
• Quit my bullshit minimum wage job
• Got my driver’s license
• Graduated from Vince Lombardi High School

Cynthia Pinedo
5 Summer Highlights
1. Volunteering at the Rock’n’roll Camp for Girls in Los Angeles and Orange County.
2. Worriers at Acerogami. All of their albums plus “Future Me” have been on heavy rotation this summer.
3. Two new SOAR singles came out in less than a month.
4. Marked Men and Royal Headache at The Regent.
5. Secret Drum Band and YAAWN on the rooftop of the LGBT Center in Santa Ana. Sounds were so dreamy, and so screamy.

Daryl Gussin
• The VLHS Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony
• Mark Cone, Now Showing LP
• Impalers, Cellar Dweller LP
• Notches, Change My Mind 7”
• Shite, 100 issues?!?! Good job everyone!

Eric Baskauskas
1. Razorcake #100! Congratulations, everyone. Nice reminder that the human race is not 100% stupid and doomed!
2. But also, we might be. Prepare for the end with the Impalers’ Cellar Dweller.
3. Or fight back ten seconds at a time with the Anal Trump discography.
4. It’s also okay to wallow a bit with the Dopamines’ Tales of Interest.
5. But why be sad when you can listen to the Tarantüla 7” six times every hour?

Gabby Gonzalez
Top 5 Punk Bands of Today
• No Approach
• Nervous Low
• Nuns
• Rik & The Pigs
• The Tissues

Garrett Barnwell
1. Hardware, Burning in the Sun LP
2. Concrete Criminals, Coping Mechanism 7”
3. The Cavemen, Dog on a Chain 7”
4. House Beer (craft Budweiser!)
5. Razorcake’s 100th issue (Dude, you’re old!)

Griffin Wynne
Top Five while Driving Cross Country in a Week.
1. White Sands National Monuments in New Mexico, (Huge, white sand dunes you can sled on.)
2. Dropping that I volunteer at Razorcake to flirt with the cashier at a thrift store in Marfa, Texas. (After driving four hours to see Prada Marfa.)
3. Finding old Razorcakes at Euclid Records in New Orleans. (Looking for an issue to send to cute cashier.)
4. Hearing the first single from Who Is She? (A newish project with members of Lisa Prank, Chastity Belt, and Tacocat)
5. Touring the City of Biloxi Center for Ceramics, a community ceramics studio in Mississippi.

Jimmy Alvarado
• Recording La Tuya’s first “record” at Minor Chord Studios in Panorama City. The most music-related fun I’ve had in years at one of the best studios I’ve ever recorded in.
• F.C.D.N. Tormentor, Dungeon Days 1982-85 LP: One of the Eastside underground’s greats gets some much-deserved respect, and we get some new recordings.
• Modern Warfare, Complete Recordings and More LP: Another great L.A. band gets some love.
• Isotope Soap, Piñata Chaos LP: Where synth-punk and hardcore meet in all the best ways.
Wonder Woman movie: First movie I’ve seen multiple (five, to be exact) times at a movie theatre in decades… Don’t judge me.

Kayla Greet
• Radioactivity, Bad Sports, VHS, Medicine Bows at Lucky Liquor, Seattle, Wash.
• Negative Approach at Cattivo b/w Wet Brain, Chiller, Lansbury at Gooskis, Pittsburgh, Pa. Went to both shows with Art Ettinger!
• Guitar Wolf, Mommy Long Legs, Issac Rother And The Phantoms at Sunset Tavern, Seattle, Wash.
• Western Settings, Heartsounds, Four Lights, Phasers On Kill at Kraken, Seattle, Wash.
• Guest DJing on KEXP’s punk radio show Sonic Reducer b/w Propagandhi, Victory Lap

Kevin Dunn
1. Girls Rock! Rochester
2. Cyanide Pills, Sliced and Diced LP
3. Needles//Pins, Good Night, Tomorrow LP
4. Pink Mink, Self-titled LP
5. Camp Cope, Self-titled LP

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
1. Japanese American Obon Festivals in L.A.
2. Rediscovering “Wormy” by D. A. Trampier
3. CH3, “Put ‘Em Up”
4. Pu$$y-Cow, “Straight Edge Wedding”
5. Companies replying to job applications

Kurt Morris
1. Converge and Neurosis at Royale in Boston, 8/6/17
2. Dasher, Sodium
3. Advocating for better mental health
4. Worriers at Great Scott in Boston, 7/9/17
5. Oxbow at ONCE Somerville, 7/14/17

Louis Jacinto
Top 5 Punk Flavored PST: LA/LA Art Shows
1. Nervously Engendered: The Art of Gerardo Velazquez, Coagula Curatorial
2. Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A., MOCA Pacific Design Center
3. Xerografia: Copyart in Brazil, 1970-1990, UC San Diego
4. Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985, Hammer Museum
5. Chicano Male Unbonded, The Autry

1. Nicole J. George’s graphic memoir, Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home. I was crying in the first ten pages.
2. Not My Small Diary #19: Unexplained Events!! DIY autobio comics at its best.
3. I found a copy of Nina Hagen’s Unbe at a record store, and now my husband understands my obsession.
4. I can finally do a pull-up! Now if I’m ever hanging precariously off a cliff, I’ll be able to save my own life.
5. I watched two cis-het white programmer dudes (who don’t work in comics) work their butts off to get the new-and-improved Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists databases up and running, pro bono. Good people exist!

Mark Twistworthy
• Heritage Unit, Enjoy Moving On
• The Fall, New Facts Emerge
• Guided By Voices, How Do You Spell Heaven
• SXSW, Is a Band
• Devious Ones, everything

Marty Ploy
1. The VLHS Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony, 7/8/17
2. Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Warriors
3. Decent Criminal, Bloom
4. Love Scum, Hearts in the Gutter
5. The Hammerbombs, Hammerbombed

Michael T. Fournier
• Rev. Nørb, Fear of a Nørb Planet (book)
• Pandemix, Scale Model of Atrocities LP
• Coastwest Unrest, The Crazed Ones LP
• Worriers, “Future Me” single and live at Great Scott, Allston, Mass. 7/9/17
• Needles//Pins, Good Night, Tomorrow LP

Mike Dumps
1. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk documentary
2. Crimpshrine, Free Box
3. Hidden Spots, New Me/New You
4. Nature Boys, 3rd LP
5. The Missed, demo

Mike Faloon
Top 5 Highlights from Summer Trip to RZC HQ (Happy 100th, everyone!)
1. Taking public transportation to Chavez Ravine (Three hits for Puig!)
2. Meeting Mike Watt (Getting to co-pilot an interview too!)
3. Seeing the Worriers live (Second time this summer!)
4. Hearing how well The Bats and Yo La Tengo go together (One playlist that lasted half my flight across the country.)
5. Catching up with the most incredibly thoughtful, funny, supportive people anywhere (I’m off straws—swear to it!)

Mike Frame
• Cayetana, New Kind of Normal CD
• Sin Cave, Midgut, and Altered State, demos
• Def Leppard, Hysteria 30th anniversary CD
• Lee Harvey Oswald Band, Blastronaut LP
• Puke, Spit & Guts, Eat Hot Lead LP

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia, SF
1. Essex Muro, Numb Life CS (Raleigh, N.C. hardcore)
2. Limp Wrist, Facades LP (SF Bay Area hardcore)
3. Blaha, Fresh Horse EP (Minneapolis surf fuzz punk)
4. Super Thief, Stuck CS (ATX noise rock)
5. Flowers Of Evil, City of Fear LP (NYC hardcore/punk)

• Boris The Sprinkler, live in Green Bay
• Boris The Sprinkler, live in Green Bay
• Boris The Sprinkler, live in Green Bay
• Boris The Sprinkler, live in Green Bay
• Boris The Sprinkler, live in Green Bay

Patrick Houdek
1. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Ill., June 16, 2017
2. Daikaiju at Liar’s Club, Chicago, Ill., April 16, 2017
3. Murphy’s Law, The Beer Nuts, Mystery Actions at Live Wire Lounge, Chicago, Ill., May 5, 2017
4. Pegboy and The Beer Nuts at Motoblot, Chicago, Ill. June 24, 2017
5. Canadian Rifle, Bad Taste, Apostles On Strike, and TV Slime at Liar’s Club, Chicago, Ill. June 5, 2017

Paul Silver
1. VLHS Class of 2017 Graduation with Dead To Me, Toys That Kill, toyGuitar, Chillout, Horror Squad, Dudes Night, Tiltwheel, Caskitt, Tracy Soto, The Stupid Daikini, Jason Paul & The Know It Alls, Best Death, Marriage Material, Never Old Bones, Adder, and Bryant Ned
2. Pears, Great Cynics, Darko, On A Hiding To Nothing, Cereal Box Heroes, and Eat Dirt at New Cross Inn, London, U.K.
3. Holiday, California Steamin’ LP
4. F.U.’s and The Bollweevils at The Underworld Camden, London, U.K.
5. Sketchy, Heck LP

Rebecca Rodriguez
• Thievery Corporation, The Temple of I & I
• Sonny Rollins, Sonny Rollins Vol 2.
• La Tuya masters mixed by Minor Chord Studios
• New finds (books) from second hand store
• Interviewing Jaime Hernandez for Razorcake Issue #99

Rene Navarro
1. Yo La Tengo live and free of charge in Marina del Rey
2. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (book)
3. Listening to Sad Tuesdays on KCHUNG
4. Recovering from a staph infection which gave me lots of time to reflect on life, write, spend time with people, and ultimately remind me of the darkness BJJ keeps at bay.
5. The Wind That Shakes the Barley directed by Ken Loach (movie)

Rev Nørb
• Baby Shakes, Turn It Up LP
• Dany Laj & The Looks, Alive & Kicking LP
• Drakulas, VHS 12” EP
• Choke Chains, Self-titled LP
• Various Artists, I Hate My Fucking Band: A Japanese MOTO Tribute CD

Rich Cocksedge
Five Songs I’m Currently Enjoying
• Colour Me Wednesday, “Queer for the Summer”
• Natterers, “Surf Off!”
• Remnants, “Set Up”
• Newish Star, “Double Super Jackpot”
• No More Lies, “Wrong Stage Bad Scenario”

Rosie Gonce
Best Shows of Summer 2017
1. Shannon & The Clams at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland, Calif. 7/1/17
2. Iggy Pop at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland, Calif.7/1/27
3. Radioactivity at Hemlock Tavern in SF, 6/7/17
4. Marked Men at The Chapel in SF, 7/22/17
5. Dead To Me at VLHS (final show) in Pomona, 7/8/17

Ryan Nichols
1. Contributing to Razorcake and being able to see us reach issue 100
2. Poptone at Anaheim House of Blues
3. Lonely Boy by Steve Jones (book)
4. Mark Lanegan, Gargoyle LP
5. Sextile, Albeit Living LP

Sal Lucci
1. Celebrating my fortieth birthday at my local skate park. Fifteen-year-old me never would have thought that could happen.
2. Super Thief, Stuck CD
3. Super Thief, live
4. The Cavemen, Dog on a Chain 7”
5. The Wead, “By the Whey” b/w “And I and She” 7”

Sean Arenas
• Midnight Reruns, Spectator Sports LP
• Magnum Force, Discography LP
• Gay Kiss, Rounded Down 7”
• Burnout, Self-titled 7”
• Lee Bains & The Glory Fires, Youth Detention CD

Sean Koepenick
Strange Boutique Songs (RIP Fred “Freak” Smith, Beefeater / Strange Boutique)
1. “Black Sun”
2. “De Milo”
3. “Quicksand Minds”
4. “In a Heaven”
5. “Glaciers Down/Keep Them Still”

Steve Adamyk
• Lost Balloons, Hey Summer LP
• Wyldlife, On Your Block LP
• The Rubs, Impossible Dream LP
• Sheer Mag, Need to Feel Your Love LP
• Gorilla, It’s All Pop 12”

Theresa W.
1. Hawaiian hardcore
2. Dumb Luck, The Neighbors EP
3. Abolitionist, The Pinnacle EP
4. Square Of Opposition’s anti-fascist limited run T-shirts
5. No! A Benefit Compilation

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Jerrod Carmichael: 8
2. Maudie
3. My Life as a Zucchini
4. Brockmire
5. Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

Todd Taylor
• Marked Men and Royal Headache, live at the Regent
• Worriers live at the Bootleg
• Three-way tie: Occupy Pynchon, Sean Carswell (book), Gun, Needle, Spoon, Patrick O’Neil (book), Fear of a Nørb Planet, Rev. Nørb (book)
• Drakulas, VHS 12” EP tie with Vanity Don’t Be Shy LP
• Radioactivity “Infected” b/w “Sleep” 7”

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Band I Got into Directly Because of Razorcake
1. The Marked Men
2. Neighborhood Brats
3. Modern Action
5. Off With Their Heads

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