Top 5s from Razorcake 95: Low Culture, La Tuya with La Victoria, Erica Freas, Vanity, CCTV

Jan 24, 2017

(gliched cover by Candice)

Art Ettinger
• Night Birds, Who Killed Mike Hunchback? 7”
• The Uncouth, Jonesy’s War LP
• Green Day, Revolution Radio LP  
• Direct Action!, Third Rail LP
My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor by Keith Morris with Jim Ruland (book)

Bill Pinkel
• Joyce Manor, Cody
• Beach Slang, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
• Ovens (a little late on this one, but great stuff)
• Against Me!, Shape Shift with Me
• Descendents, live at the Hollywood Palladium!

Billy Kostka
• S.B.F., Self-titled
• Violence Creeps, Soul Narc
• Vanilla Poppers, Lurking in the Corner of Cleveland, Ohio
• Watery Love, Live Love
• Warm Bodies, Domo

Camylle Reynolds
Top 5s of the Midnite Snaxxx Mini Tour
• Midnite Snaxxx playing Gonerfest 13 in Memphis!
• Crowd surfing to Giorgio Murderer at the Gonerfest afterparty
• DJing all ladies-fronted punk at Duke’s with Dulcinea in Nashville
• Bolton’s spicy fried psychedelic chicken experience (meat cheat in full effect)
• Chicago’s show with MAMA at the Emporium full of rockers and degenerates.

Candace Hansen
Top Five Fall Faves 2016
• Erica Freas, Patient Ones
• G.L.O.S.S. making straight dudes have too many feels and questions
• Transgress Fest, Santa Ana line up
• Whacking the shit out of Donald Trump piñatas
• Plaid shirts and coffee

Chris Mason
• C.C.T.V., Self-titled 7”
• Pure Disgust, Self-titled 12”
• Laika’s Orbit, No Matter What It Takes LP
• Color TV, Self-titled 7”
• Earth Girls, Wanderlust LP

Chris Terry
1. Scuzz, Songs of the Sordid LP
2. James Kochalka Superstar, Beautiful Man CS
3. Lutheran Heat, Louder from the Other Side LP
4. Paul Beatty, The Sellout (novel)
5. I’d like to say that this Prince kick started when he died in April, but let’s be real: it started when I first heard him in 1984. RIP.

Clara Luci Acosta
1. #Cakeceanera
2. Against Me!, Shape Shift with Me LP
3. Turned Out a Punk podcast with Damian Abraham
4. Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk by John Doe and Tom DeSavia (book)
5. Fea, Self-titled

Craven Rock
Peru Top 5
1. Tie: Romance with my subletter before I left with promise of visiting zir in Spain and redemption at Ayahuasca Retreat, Canto Luz in the Amazon (Life gets rad!)
2. Being deep in the Amazon jungle (butterflies, anteaters, monkeys, toucans, snakes, much more)
3. Paracas: Paracas National Preservation (mountain range pushed up from the sea when plates shifted) and Islas Balletestas (island of penguins and sea lions)
4. Cusco (city)
5. Huacachina Oasis (dune buggying, sand boarding, and climbing a giant sand dune)

Designated Dale
1. Razorcake’s Quinceañera blowout party on 10/01/16, celebrating fifteen years of doing our part.
2. La Tuya (with La Victoria) and Desidia bringing the rock to said blowout party.
3. Getting to see so many friends far and wide that I haven’t seen in quite some time, and making new ones at, yes, said blowout party.
4. Celebrating seven years married to the raddest woman I know on 10/10/16.
5. Hopefully optimistic that the world is still in one piece by the time everyone reads this after the Presidential elections.

Daryl Gussin
• The Pretty Flowers, “Inconsiderate Dreams”
• La Tuya with La Victoria, live
• Rikk Agnew Band, LEARN., tie with Low Culture, Places to Hide
• Awesome Fest X
• L.A.’s Murs establishing the Guinness record for rapping over twenty-four hours straight.

Cynthia Pinedo
Top 5 Bands I’ve Had on Repeat All Year
1. Accidente: Catchy Madrid punk with Lagwagon vibes. Pulso is A+.
2. Drawing Water / Watercolor Paintings: Oakland, lo-fi croon punk goodness. Two different versions of the same band. Listen, listen, listen.
3. Mean Jeans: “Throwing Stones” off of Are You Serious? is too good.
4. Jabber: Bay Area garage-y, bubblegum punk pop. “Nineteen” and “Grool” over and over.
5. The Get Up Kids: Because I’ll always be an emo kid at heart, and old enough to know better, young enough to pretend.

Griffin Wynne
Top 5 Songs to Be Done with Your Ex’s Bullshit to
1. Dyke Drama “Crying in a Bathroom Stall”
2. Ah Fuck “Everything”
3. Diet Cig “Cardboard”
4. Adult Mom “Sorry I Was Sorry”
5. Sports “Get Bummed Out”

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows of Late
1. DRI with Christ Killer, Mexico City Rollers. October 23 at Soda Bar, San Diego.
2. Lenguas Largas, The Resonars, Octagrape, Red Pony Clock. October 14 at Kensington Club, San Diego.
3. Shellac. August 25 at the Regent, Los Angeles.
4. Guided By Voices with DTCV. August 20 at Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles.
5. Shannon And The Clams with Peach Kelli Pop. July 15 at Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles.

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Cartoons for People Who Love Music (Part II)
Bob’s Burgers, “It Snakes a Village”
Sanjay and Craig, “Tufflips’ Tales of Terror”
Steven’s Universe, “Steven and the Stevens”
Bob’s Burgers, “The Hormone-iums”
Sanjay and Craig, “Partybot”

Jimmy Alvarado
• Razorcake’s Quinceañera clambake, lots of local and out-of-town fam making the scene; DJ Susan, Desidia, La Victoria and La Tuya layin’ waste to everyone’s earholes; piñata violence; traditional court pogo-dance, and general shenaningans!
• Deadbeats, 666-1313 2 x LP
• Bad Sports, Living with Secrets LP
• Susan, Never Enough LP

Jim Woster
The 5 Most Punk Dylan Songs
• “Everything Is Broken”
• “Hurricane”
• “Idiot Wind”
• “Masters of War”
• “Positively 4th Street”

Kayla Greet
Top 5 Razorcake Quinceañera Moments
1. Todd’s belle of the ball getup. Would have made Ru Paul proud.
2. RC logo piñata. I might not have busted it open, but I did punch it!
3. La Tuya con tres mujeres. Punk and mariachi played simultaneously.
4. RC pop up tattoo studio in the office. One of the best tattoo experiences I’ve ever had.
5. Putting beautiful faces to all those names. La familia por vida, los amos a todos.

Kevin Dunn
1. Razorcake’s Quinceañera
2. Low Culture, Places to Hide
3. So Cow, Lisa Marie Airplane Tour
4. Meat Market, Dig Deep
5. Brat Kings, Hypnopedia

Kurt Morris
Top 5 Things at Razorcake’s Quinceañera
1. Meeting so many people I’ve known for so long but never met in person
2. La Tuya and La Victoria combining to form an amazing sound
3. The piñatas (and their subsequent beatings)
4. Seeing Alice Bag who looks like she hasn’t aged since the 1970s
5. Todd Taylor in a wig, dress, and makeup. He looked gorgeous!

Megan Razzetti
• Erica Freas, Patient Ones
• Deep Sleep at Awesome Fest X
• The Black Dots at VLHS
• Macho Boys at Awesome Fest X
• The beautiful and creative people that have helped make Razorcake what it is and seeing some of them at the Razorcake Quinceañera.

Michael T. Fournier
Fluke Fanzine #13
Cometbus #57
• Spirit Plots, Self-titled LP
• Bad Leg, Walk It Off LP
• Razorcake Quinceañera (long) weekend

Mike Faloon
1. Mikey Erg, Tentative Decisions LP
2. The Figgs, On the Slide LP
3. The Mekons, Existentialism, Book & CD
4. The Mummies?, “Just One More Dance” b/w “I Don’t Like It” 7”
5. Tie: Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP, Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP

Mike Frame
1. Fred And Toody, live in Denver
2. Pat Todd, Blood and Treasure CD
3. Descendents, album and EP
4. Nervosa, Agony CD
5. Sex Stains, Self-titled CD

DJ Naked Rob
Radio Valencia 87.9FM | San Francisco
1. Halshug, Sort Sind LP
2. Low Culture, Places to Hide LP
3. Duchess Says, Sciences Nouvelles LP
4. Violent Minds, Eyes of Death LP
5. Dethbeds, Dungeon Scum LP

Paul Comeau
1. Disavow, Suffer, Slave, Expire CS
2. Cold Sore / The Light, Split 7”
3. Daisy Glaze, Kings of the Fuzz Style CS
4. NY In 64, NY64 LP
5. Space Alien Donald, Must Be Funny CS

Paul Silver
1. Awesomefest 10, San Diego: especially The Arrivals, Melted, Young Go Hards, and the surprise Rumspringer reunion
2. This Is My Fest 3, Oakland: every single band killed it!
3. Great Apes, California Heart LP
4. Four Lights, Death to False Posi LP
5. toyGuitar, Move Like a Ghost EP

Replay Dave
• Robert Pollard, Is Off to Business LP
• Tim Version / Dead Bars, Split 7”
• Tired From Now On, Romantic LP
• Tomahawk, Oddfellows LP
• Nick Cave, The Skeleton Tree LP

Rich Cocksedge
• Against Me!, Shape Shift with Me
• Stiff Little Fingers, Best Served Loud (new live album)
• Low Culture, Places to Hide
• The Dissociates, After Hours at the Violet Club EP
• Wonk Unit, Mr Splashy, tie with The War Goes On, Self-titled

Rosie Gonce
• Sheer Mag, III EP
• Mean Jeans, Tight New Dimension LP
• The King Khan & BBQ Show, Bad News Boys LP
The Orwells, Disgraceland LP
• The Orwells, Buddy single

Ryan Nichols
1. Marisco’s Hector #1
2. Hurula
3. Budos Band
4. Dwight Twilley
5. Vats, Green Glass Room

Sal Lucci
1. Gospel Truth, Jealous Fires LP
2. Nots, Cosmetic LP
3. Coneheads, LP 1 LP
4. James Arthur’s Manhunt, Digital Clubbing LP
5. LSDogs, live

Sam Grinberg
Five Comics I’ve Recently Read and Now Recommend
1. Ruins by Peter Kuper
2. Patience by Daniel Clowes
3. Shampoo by Liam Cobb
4. Big Kids by Michael DeForge
5. Generous Bosom: Part One by Conor Stechschulte

Sean Arenas
• Tadaima, Whatever Feels Good CS
• Brat Kings, Hypnopedia LP
• Steppe People, Can I Get a Ride? digital
• toyGuitar, Move Like a Ghost CDEP
• Pure Disgust, Self-titled LP

Sean Koepenick
Used Bin Finds at Smash and Joint Custody (DC)
1. The Sex Pistols, “Revolution in the Classroom” b/w “Schools Are Prisons” 7”
2. The Damned, Live Shepperton 1980 LP
3. The Ergs, Thrash Compactor 7”
4. Chelsea, Evacuate LP
5. Reptile House, I Stumble as the Crow Flies 7”

Simone Carter
• Christian Fitness, This Taco Is Not Correct LP
• True Widow, Avvolgere LP
• Goblin Cock, Necronomidonkeykongimicon LP
• Greys, Warm Shadow LP
• Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree LP

Steve Adamyk
1. The Jolts, No Paradoxes LP
2. The Scientists, A Place Called Bad 2 x LP
3. Dow Jones & The Industrials, Can’t Stand the Midwest 2 x LP
4. Sonic Avenues, Disconnector LP
5. Sievehead, live

Susan de Place
New Vinyl for My DJ Set at the Razorcake 15 Year Anniversary Party (and Song Played)
1. The Pandoras, “Hot Generation” b/w “You Don’t Satisfy” 45 (“Hot Generation”)
2. The Stops, Nameless Faces LP (“Repulsive”)
3. Sissy, Gave Birth to a Mum 7” (“Attack”)
4. Peluqueria Canina, Jovenes Promesas LP (“Mil Demonios”)
5. La URSS, Maravillas del Mundo LP (“Pasos que Agitan el Polvo”)

Tim Brooks
• Vanity, Don’t Be Shy LP
• Crown Court, Capital Offence LP
• Woodboot, Black Piss 7”
• The War Goes On LP
• Ultra, Espana Invertebrada 7”

Todd Taylor
• Razorcake Quinceañera: La Tuya with La Victoria and Desidia, live
• C.C.T.V., Self-titled 7”
• Awesome Fest 10
• Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP
• Vanity, Don’t Be Shy LP
• Rixe, Les Nerfs a Vif 7”

Tommy Vandervort
1. Off With Their Heads and Swingin’ Utters at Cobra Lounge
2. The Bollweevils and Break Anchor at Liars Club
3. Canadian Rifle and Daylight Robbery at Empty Bottle
4. The Falcon, Gather the Chaps LP
5. Pu$$y-Cow 7” and shirt from Joe Dana

Ty Stranglehold
Top 5 Bands I Saw Live in 1993
1. Rocket From The Crypt
2. Nomeansno
3. Dead Milkmen
4. Big Drill Car

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