Top 5s from Razorcake #93: Toys That Kill, The Falcon, Pinned In Place, Spokenest

Sep 16, 2016

Aphid Peewit
Cosmic Trigger 1 (Hilaritas Press edition) by Robert Anton Wilson (book)
The Damned: Don’t You Wish We Were Dead (DVD)
• Pears, Green Star CD
The Color of Noise (AmRep doc) DVD
• Articles Of Faith, Complete Vol. 1, 1981-1983 CD

Art Ettinger
• Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP
• No Time, You’ll Get Yours LP
• Yellow Stitches, Sick Mind 7”
• Anti-Nowhere League, The Cage LP
• Direct Hit, Wasted Mind LP

Bill Pinkel
• Pup, The Dream Is Over LP
• The Falcon, Gather Up the Chaps LP
• Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By LP
• Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
• Dillinger Four, Night Birds and Toys That Kill, live at the Echoplex!

Billy Kostka
• Foster Care, Sterilization LP
• Prison Moan, Parasite Hole 7”
• Sick Thoughts, 18 and Free 7”
• Lumpy And The Dumpers, Huff My Sack LP
• Angry Angles, Goner comp. LP

Candace Hansen
Top 5 Shirts I Considered Wearing to the CA Primary Poll
• HIRS: No Gods, No Cops
• Vintage “Mujeres Por Justicia” activist shirt I bought at a Savers and cherish.
• Leftover Crack: Police: Shoot Drugs, Not People
• A tank top my mom gave me with a cat on it.
• Monsters Outside’s Descendents “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” parody shirt featuring Tommy Pickles.

Candice Tobin
1. Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
2. My Martha: RIP Rancho Relaxo tee
3. Basement Benders, Lydiad
4. Chainmail Bikini, lady gamers comix anthology
5. Donna Ramone and Steve Thueson for bein’ best long-distance pals <3

Chris Mason
1. Meat Market, Dig Deep LP
2. Lenguas Largas, Abba Daddy LP
3. Witches With Dicks, Not Just a Passing Season 12”
4. Audacity, Hyper Vessels LP
5. Tacocat, Lost Time LP

Chris Terry
• Pressing On, No Defeat, No Capitulation 12”
• Culture Abuse, Peach LP
• Kamaiyah, A Good Night in the Ghetto mixtape
• Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book mixtape
• A fuckton of Prince

Craven Rock
1. Tie: Seeing my first pun slam, with competing in my first pun slam
2. Tie: Gimme Something Better by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor, with In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck (books)
3. Tie: Sole, A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing, with Sole & DJ Pain 1, Death Drive
4. Tie: The Blue Suitcase #1: Deconstructing the Writing of an Angry Hermit by Joseph Carlough, with Behind the Wheel 2: Notes of an Uber/Lyft Driver by Kelly Dessaint (zines)
5.Tie: L’an 1 (1973) (movie), with 3-2-1 Battle! Wrestling at The Battle Palace, Seattle, WA

Designated Dale
1. Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, Night Birds, and the Rough Kids at the Echoplex in Echo Park, Calif. 5/27/2016. Saying that show was stacked is a severe understatement. Holy fucksticks.
2. La Tuya’s live maiden voyage with Our Band Sucks and Scott Rodarte at Cafe NELA in Cypress Park, CA. 6/3/2016. No way! Yes, güey!
3. Much love and congratulations to Andrew Hida and Jenny Moncayo who recently tied the knot on 5/7/2016. Glad we were able to share your special day with yous two!
4. Danny Fields’ personal photo book, My Ramones. The early manager of the furious four published a limited edition hardback with a selection of his fave photographs with essays that span the golden years of the Ramones. Fucking amazing.
5. Marvelous Darlings, Single Life CD. I simply cannot get enough of this collection of gems from a band that should be punching anyone who loves a rocking good time in the ear dick (you heard me).

Daryl Gussin
• Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory
• Bullnettle, Self-titled
• Rough Kids, Self-titled
• Sculpture Club CS, tie with Okay Urge, demo, and both live
• Big Star

David Ensminger
Top 5 Underrated Michigan Garage Punk Bands with Women
• The Paybacks
• Gore Gore Girls
• Laughing Hyenas
• Demolition Doll Rods
• The Gories

Eric Baskauskas
• Ajax, Impalers, S.H.I.T., Mirror, Triage at the Acheron in Brooklyn, 4/15/16
• Power Trip, Vanity, Aggression Pact, Razorheads, Outskirts at the same venue the very next day
• Mean Jeans, Tight New Dimension, and live at the East Room in Chicago, 5/18/16
• Cønditiøn, Actual Hell
• Blackball, Self-titled 7”

Gabby Gonzalez
• Pedal Strike (LA)
• Spokenest (LA)
• Friends W/O Benefits (SF)
• DFMK (Tijuana)

Jimmy Alvarado
• Alice Bag, Self-titled LP
• Hate, Self-titled demo
Going Underground, book by George Hurchalla
Children of Paradise, film directed by Marcel Carne
• Spending Summer 2016 spreading sonic mayhem throughout Los Angeles with the boys in La Tuya

Jim Ruland
1. Savages at Wonder Ballroom
2. The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl
3. Bad Future, Self-titled
4. The Dabbers, I Am an Alien Now
5. The Hepatitis Bathtub by NOFX and Jeff Alulis

John Miskelly
Top Five Best Sets of Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, 2016 Plus One Accompanying Bad Thing About Primavera Sound Festival 2016 Because I Am a Malcontent Incapable of Enjoying Anything on Its Own Terms.
1. Ty Segall And The Muggers / Insane beer prices
2. Drive Like Jehu / Ludicrous levels of corporate sponsorship
3. LCD Soundsystem / Other British people
4. Dinosaur Jr. / Confiscating bottled water off half-cut sun-baked northern Europeans then charging two Euros for a tiny bottle and keeping the lid so we couldn’t refill them, you unapologetically capitalist ass hats
5. Titus Andronicus / “You are nothing but a wallet with legs to us, now drink your five Euro lager and please wear Ray Bans.”

Jon Mule
1. Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016
2. Fr. Daniel Berrigan, 1921-2016
3. Rough Kids, Self-titled
4. The Deadly Vipers at Hyperion Tavern
5. Big Baby, If You’re Not a Baby Then You’re Too Old

Juan Espinosa
• Rough Kids, Self-titled LP
• Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, Toys That Kill, Night Birds, and Rough Kids at the Echoplex, L.A. surrounded by so many good friends
• Blazing Eye, Lonely Corpse 7”, tie with Mystic Inane, Eggs Onna Plate 7”
• The Repos, Poser LP, tie with Absolute Power LP
• Cannibal Corpse, Tomb of the Mutilated LP reissue, tie with Nailbomb, Point Blank LP reissue

Kayla Greet
• D4, OWTH, TTK, Night Birds, Rough Kids at The Echoplex, L.A.
• Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By
• Red Dons, complete discography
Manor Threat, by Ben Snakepit
Cat Cave Cinema podcast (horror movie talks from punks)

Keith Rosson
• Dark Thoughts, Self-titled LP
• Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory LP
All My Puny Sorrows, Miriam Toews (novel)
Is That You, John Wayne?, Scott Garson (story collection)
• Finally selling my novel! Yes! Comes out Feb. 2017!

Kevin Dunn
1. Sean Carswell, The Metaphysical Ukulele, (book)
2. Bullnettle, Self-titled LP
3. Blodad Tand, Control Alt Delete LP
4. Future Virgins, Late Republic LP
5. Sean Carswell, The Metaphysical Ukulele, (book)

Kurt Morris
1. Nails, You Will Never Be One of Us
2. Hum, Downward Is Heavenward
3. Hum, You’d Prefer an Astronaut
4. Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Casino Drone
5. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (TV show)

Louis Jacinto
My Top 5 Punks in Post-Punk Success
1. Screamers’ K.K. Barrett: Oscar Nomination 2014
2. Punk Photographer Dawn Wirth: Smithsonian Collection 2015
3. X’s John Doe: Memoir Published 2016
4. Alice Bag: New Album 2016
5. Edward Stapleton: Nervous Gender Art Retrospective at MOCA 2017

Mark Twistworthy
• Medictation, Warm Places LP
• Spray Paint, Feel the Clamps LP
• Dan Padilla / Prince, Split 7”
• Cherubs, Fist in the Air 2 x 7”
• Amygdala, Population Control LP

Marty Ploy
• Post Life, Living Can Wait
• California, Self-titled
• Great Apes, California Heart
• The Lippies, Self-titled
• Decent Criminal, Self-titled

Matt Average
• Peter Brötzman, live at the Echoplex
• BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 21 LP
• Rough Kids, Self-titled LP
• Bremen, Eclipsed 2 x LP
•Wicked Lady, Complete Recordings, 1969 - 1972 box set

Megan Razzetti
Top 5 Bands I Can’t Stop Listening to Right Now
1. Pedal Strike
2. Adam And The Ants
3. PUP
4. Worriers
5. Shellshag

Michael Fournier
• Ben Snakepit, Manor Threat (book)
• Betty Machete And The Angry Cougars, Angry Cougars LP
• Daylight Robbery, Accumulated Error LP
• Michelle Gonzales, The Spitboy Rule (book)
• Bob Mould live at Pearl Street, Northampton, Mass., 4/30/2016

Mike Faloon
1. Sean Carswell, The Metaphysical Ukulele (book)
2. Sam Kulick, The Broadcast download and baseball card set (!)
3. Survival Unit III, Barrow Street Blues 2 x LP
4. Rebecca Stead, When You Reach Me (book)
5. Kamasi Washington, The Epic 3 x LP

Mike Frame
1. Sin Cave, live and demo tape
2. Dan Lilker, Perpetual Conversion (book)
3. Dyke Drama, live and 12”
4. The Obsessed, live
5. Bonnie Jo Campbell, Q Road (book)

DJ Naked Rob | Radio Valencia, SF, Calif.
1. Rathaus, Rathaus Rathaus Rathaus LP
2. Necrot, The Labyrinth LP
3. Hesitation Wounds, Awake for Everything LP
4. Weekend Nachos, Apology LP
5. Sarabante, Poisonous Legacy LP

• Larry Livermore, live in Saint Louis
• Black Sabbath, live in Kansas City
• DJ Quik, live in Saint Louis
• Vacation, live at Chill Dawg Cove
• Parasites, live at Chill Dawg Cove

Paul Comeau
1. Andy California, My Dying Bed EP
2. Spit Vitriol, The Blood It Takes to Make the Breaks EP
3. Vaaska, Future Primitivo EP
4. Bane, Don’t Wait Up LP
5. Bane, Give Blood CD

Paul Silver
1. Refused, The Coathangers, Plague Vendor at Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA
2. Dillinger 4, Toys That Kill, Off With Their Heads, Night Birds at The Casbah, San Diego
3. The Dirty Nil and Muncie Girls at Orangehouse, Munich, Germany
4. Beach Slang, Potty Mouth, Dyke Drama, California at The Casbah, San Diego
5. toyGuitar, Plane Without A Pilot, Squarecrow at Soda Bar, San Diego

Replay Dave
• Mercury Program, New Myths 
• Reigning Sound, Abdication…for Your Love
• Shallow Cuts, Empty Beach Town
• Pink Floyd, Meddle
• Ted Leo & Pharmacists, Shake the Sheets

Rich Cocksedge
• Night Birds, Auf Bewährung, Kick It!, live at ExSezz, Frankfurt
• Wild Animals Basements, Music to Fight Hypocrisy LP
• Rotten Mind, I’m Alone Even with You LP
• NASA Space Universe, 70 AD EP
• Hot Mass, Nervous Tensions LP

Rosie Gonce
1. Mercy Music, When I Die I’m Taking You with Me LP
2. VLHS 5th Anniversary Show in Pomona with Winter Break, Turkish Techno, Horror Squad, toyGuitar and Bad Cop/Bad Cop, 6/03/16
3. The Frights, You Are Going to Hate This LP
4. American Death Ray, Smash Radio Hits LP
5. One Man Army, She’s an Alarm EP

Ryan Nichols
1. Don The Beachcomber
2. Budos Band
3. At The Drive-In
4. Charles Bradley
5. White Lung

Sal Lucci
• Spray Paint, Feel the Clamps LP
• Lost Balloons LP
• Marked Men, live 6/4/16
• Radioactivity, live 5/28/16
• Mind Spiders, live 5/13/16

Sean Arenas
• Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
• Empty Markets, Stainless Steel LP
• No Friends #3
• Upsilon Acrux at The Smell, 5/27/16
• Birthday skydiving with Shelby Fujioka

Sean Koepenick
Best John Stabb Songs, R.I.P. My Friend
1. “Visions and?” by Government Issue
2. “Swan Song” by The Factory Incident
3. “Club Pretentious” by Betty Blue
4. “The Hurting Closet” by Emma Peel
5. “Strange Wine” by Government Issue

Simone Carter
• The 2016 Doom game soundtrack
• Donald Trump Says “China” YouTube video
• Eagles Of Death Metal at House of Blues in Dallas, 5/22/16
• Melvins at Trees in Dallas, 3/03/16
• Power Trip at Red Blood Club in Dallas, 4/23/16

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. I’m Now: The Story of Mudhoney
2. 1971
3. Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon
4. 12 O’Clock Boys
5. Touched with Fire

Todd Taylor
• Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
• Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory LP
• Sean Carswell, The Metaphysical Ukulele (book)
• Kevin Dunn, Global Punk (book)
• Louie Cronin, Everybody Loves You Back (book) tie with Idra Novey, Ways to Disappear (book)

Ty Stranglehold
1. Big Boys and The Dicks, Live at Raul’s Club Split LP (Finally got a copy!)
2. Dysnea Boys, Forgot How to Read
3. Bad Future, Self-titled
4. Maniac, Midnight Kino 7”
5. Riverboat Gamblers, Massive Fraud 7”

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