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Top 5s from Razorcake 94: G.L.O.S.S., Martha, Toys That Kill, Descendents

Nov 03, 2016

(glitched cover by candice.)


Adel Souto

  • Warfare, Demo 2016 CS
  • G.L.O.S.S., Trans Day of Revenge 7”
  • Bloody Knives, I Will Cut Your Heart out for This12”
  • Pope, Fiction 12”
  • William Onyeabor, LP Box Set 1 and 2


Andy Garcia

  1. Blazing Eye, Lonely Corpse 7”
  2. Rakta, III LP
  3. Sadist, Live at the Unveiling Videocassette
  4. Dauðyflin, Drepa Drepa 7”
  5. Poliskitzo, live at 5 Star Bar, 6/15/16


Art Ettinger

  • ANTiSEEN, We’re # One! 12”EP
  • Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP
  • Klasse Kriminale, 1985-2015: 30 Anni Dopo 7”
  • Control, United in Blood LP
  • The Interrupters, Say It Out Loud LP

Bill Pinkel

  • Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
  • Muncie Girls, From Caplan to Belsize
  • Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward
  • Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate
  • The Reddman / Friends Of Cesar Romero discographies I bought off Bandcamp


Billy Kostka

  • Mirror, Universal Dismay
  • Liquids, Hot Liqs EP
  • Kaleidoscope, V2 No.1
  • Rik & The Pigs, Volume II
  • Devo, Hardcore Devo Volume 1 & 2


Candace Hansen

Top 5 Ska Puns of 2016 

  1. Skamagatchi (Melissa R.)
  2. Poli Ska Degree (Cynthia P.)
  3. Skaberry Shortcake (Ritchie S.)
  4. Iowa Skacus (Ritchie S.)
  5. Make America Skank Again (Courtesy of a man’s hat at the Skacademy Awards in Anaheim.)


Candice Tobin

Songs on Repeat with “Girl” in the Title

  1. “Radium Girls,” Pinned In Place
  2. “Pretty Girl,” Radioactivity
  3. “Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive,” J Church
  4. “Subway Girl,” Audacity
  5. “Not Just Another Girl,” Marked Men


Chad Williams

Top 5 in a Summer of Two New Descendents records. (Good luck everyone else...)

  1. Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP
  2. Descendents, SpazzHazard EP
  3. toyGuitar, Move Like a Ghost EP
  4. Mean Jeans, Tight New Dimension LP
  5. Extinct Exist, Cursed Earth EP


Chris Mason

  1. Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
  2. Mikey Erg, Tentative Decisions
  3. Alice Bag, Self-titled
  4. Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward
  5. Red Dons, The Dead Hand of Tradition


Chris Terry

Richmond Nostalgia Top 5

  1. Young Pioneers, First Virginia Volunteers LP
  2. D’Angelo, Voodoo LP
  3. Avail, 4 AM Friday LP
  4. Going swimming
  5. Excerpt from my novel-in-progress in the new issue of Apogee Journal


Clara Acosta

  1. Dead To Me live at Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society
  2. Black Lives Matter demonstration and march in Inglewood
  3. Skating Polly
  4. My brother moving to Seattle, resulting in me finally getting my own room!
  5. Going to therapy for the first time ever, and loving every bit of it


Craven Rock

  1. Poems of Jack Micheline
  2. Autonomous Mutant Festival 20
  3. Overheard advice from one little girl to another in the park: “Use it to be funny or when you’re angry. Don’t overuse it or use it to be cool. Be careful with your profanity.”
  4. Dave Fox’s workshop on travel writing and his book, Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals and Still Have Time to Enjoy Your Trip!
  5. These movies: Coonskin, Crawl or Die, You’re Killing Me, Rid of Me

Daryl Gussin

  • Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
  • G.L.O.S.S., Trans Day of Revenge 7” and live
  • Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward
  • Taxi, live at Gary’s Place, Tucson, AZ
  • Dyke Drama, Up Against the Bricks


Designated Dale

  1. My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor by Keith Morris and Jim Ruland. Definitely your next to-read purchase.
  2. The Black and Brown Comedy Get Down Tour 2016 with George Lopez, Eddie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley, and Cedric The Entertainer at the L.A. Forum 8/6/2016, Pants-pissingly-hilarious.
  3. Los Tigres Del Norte and Cafe Tacuba at the L.A. Forum 6/25/16. Two of Mexico’s best on tour together? Sold!
  4. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, and the return of The B-Movie Rats at Cafe NELA 7/15/2016. A double-fisted evening of fine rock’n’roll had by all in attendance.
  5. La Tuya at Casa de Vargas in Long Beach, CA 7/23/16. Dan and his Turbojugend know how to party.


Eric Baskauskas

Top 5 Punkest Senses

  1. Hearing: It’s why I bring earplugs to the show.
  2. Sight: How’re you gonna get beat up by rednecks and jocks if they can’t instantly see that you’re different from them?
  3. Smell: Just like sight and sound, you definitely can smell punk.
  4. Touch: There’s a right way and a wrong way to run into a stranger at full speed.
  5. Taste: I’ll take twelve of your crappiest beers and whatever food you’re about to throw away, please.


Gabby Gonzalez

  • Desidia (LA)
  • Upset
  • Mecha Chief (LA)
  • Super Lunch
  • Shark Toys


Griffin Wynne

Top 5 Reasons I Won’t Go to Your Show

  1. Everyone’s white.
  2. All the bands are all men.
  3. The parking lot is really dark and far away.
  4. Last time someone grabbed my chest and no one believed me/cared.
  5. My bed is more comfortable than the literal margin of the room.


Jamie Rotante

Top 5 Bands to Fuel My End-of-Summer Manic Depression

  1. The Smiths
  2. Man… or Astro-Man?
  3. Bauhaus
  4. Thee Oh Sees
  5. The Cure


Jennifer Federico

Top 5 Cartoons for People Who Love Music (Part I)

  • Home Movies: Freaky, Outtie!
  • Rick and Morty: Show Me What You Got
  • Home Movies: Bye Bye Greasy
  • Rick and Morty: Mortynight Run
  • Bob’s Burgers: Glued


Jim Joyce

Five Horror Movies Over Five Decades for Your DIY Horror Film Fest

  1. A Bucket of Blood (1959) Coffeehouse beatnik murder movie starring a youngish Dick Miller.
  2. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1960) It’s actually a train, but who cares?
  3. Death Line (in U.S., Raw Meat) (1972) London subway cannibals—“mind the doors!”
  4. The Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985) Eastern European werewolves in L.A., castles, relentless nudity, fictional punk band.
  5. In the Mouth of Madness (1994) Sam Neil is a Stephen King-like dude whose books inspire diabolical mayhem. John Carpenter directs!


Jimmy Alvarado

  • La Tuya gigs #1 (Café NELA) and #2 (Dan & Barbara Vargas’ Summer BBQ). ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!
  • Alice Bag, Self-titled LP
  • Adolescents, Maximum Density LP
  • Sherman Alexie, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (book)
  • Watching reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore Show

Joe Dana

  1. My band, Pu$$y-Cow, putting out our first vinyl release and getting some pretty good feedback overall.
  2. Public Enemy, Ice-T, EPMD at the Hollywood Palladium
  3. Mack Sabbath at the Regent and Boots Electric at Loaded in the same night
  4. Playing with Bitchin’ Seahorse and Red Pony Clock at the Redwood
  5. Playing with Manhattan Murder Mystery for the first time and Undercover Monsters at the Redwood


John Miskelly

Top Five Bangers Songs in No Particular Order. Bye Bangers!

  1. “The Trousers of Time”
  2. “I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever be Clean Again”
  3. “There Was a Positive Vibe—When No One Was Left Alive”
  4. “Complete Doom”
  5. “Last of The Big Dippers,” “A Quite Different Coastline,” “The Mitigation Committee” Oops guess that’s seven. Fucking with your fascist quinary paradigm, suckers!


Jon Mule

  1. Night Witch (Tallahassee, Fla.)
  2. Sculpture Club at Redwood Bar
  3. G.L.O.S.S., Trans Day of Revenge
  4. Nails, You Will Never Be One of Us
  5. Sitting in on Thirsty Thursdays, Presented by The Dollar Boys, KChung Radio


Juan Espinosa

  • Manneqin, Three Songs + Three More Songs CS
  • Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP
  • Rakta, III LP
  • Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP
  • Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart LP


Kayla Greet

  1. Ian MacKaye giving me a tour of the Dischord house and distro in Virginia
  2. Barenaked Ladies, OMD, and Howard Jones at Marymoor Park b/w an after hours BBQ party
  3. Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate
  4. Dyke Drama, Up Against the Bricks
  5. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Atom Age, Murderburgers, Hilltop Rats at The Kraken


Kevin Dunn

  1. The Hospital Job, Never Get Cold
  2. Pears, Green Star
  3. Mind Spiders, Prosthesis
  4. Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward
  5. Dott, The Beverly Baldwin EP


Kurt Morris

  1. Dinosaur Jr., Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
  2. White Lung, Paradise
  3. Kowloon Walled City, Grievances
  4. Nails, You Will Never Be One of Us
  5. Julie Doiron (everything)


Louis Jacinto

My Top 5 Alice Bag Videos 2016

  1. “Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice”
  2. “Poisoned Seed”
  3. “No Means No”
  4. “Weigh About You”
  5. “He’s So Sorry”


Mark Twistworthy

  • Brix Smith, The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise (book)
  • Martha, Blisters in The Pit of My Heart LP
  • Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Self-titled LP
  • Dinosaur Jr., Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not LP
  • Prince, new stuff!


Matt Seward

  1. Shallow Cuts, Empty Beach Town
  2. Chandeli’ers, Breaker
  3. Basement Benders interview in #93
  4. Gleam Garden, live
  5. Random check-in texts from J Wang


Megan Razzetti

  • Toys that Kill, Sentimental Ward
  • The Falcon, The Copyrights, Sam Russo Mikey Erg! at the Troubadour on 7/16
  • Full Garage (South Korea) and Spanish Love Songs at the Redwood 7/21
  • The Falcon, Gather up the Chaps LP
  • Silver Spring

Michael Fournier

  • Berzerkoids by MP Johnson (book)
  • Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements by Bob Mehr (book)
  • G.L.O.S.S., Trans Day of Revenge 7”
  • Spokenest, Gone, Gone, Gone LP
  • This Is Boston, Not L.A. vinyl reissue


Mike Frame

  1. Tegan And Sara, Love You to Death CD
  2. Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate CD
  3. Kristin Kontrol, X-Communicate CD
  4. Pat Todd & Rankoutsiders, Blood & Treasure CD
  5. Robbie Fulks, live at Swallow Hill in Denver

Nick Toerner

  • Mikey Erg, Tentative Decisions LP
  • Shellshag, Why’d I Have to Get So High? LP
  • Der Faden, “Best Guess” b/w “Filaments” 7”
  • Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP
  • Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP


Nicole Johnson

Top 5 Shows of 2016 (So Far)

  1. Tacocat, Boyfriends, Homosuperior, April 16, Comet Ping Pong, DC
  2. Bleached, May 2, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Calif.
  3. Nothing, Culture Abuse, Wrong, June 21, Slim’s, San Francisco, Calif.
  4. Alice Bag, Midnite Snaxxx, Quaaludes, July 9, El Rio, San Francisco, Calif.
  5. Modest Mouse/Brand New, July 28, Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Calif.



  • Beer and pizza at the Lobo Lounge
  • Spruce Bringsteen and Cool Mutants, live in Evansville, IN
  • Radioactivity and Bad Sports, live in Saint Louis
  • Toys That Kill and The Brokedowns, live in Chicago
  • Too $hort, live in Saint Louis


Patrick Houdek

  1. Sass Dragons, True Adventure LP
  2. Seeing Chuck Dukowski perform with Flag at Punk Rock Bowling in Denver
  3. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Atom Age, The Murderburgers, The Windermeres at the Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado
  4. The Windermeres, Continental Divide LP
  5. Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk by John Doe with Tom DeSavia (book)


Paul Comeau

  1. Old Lines/Will Potter, To Build a Fire 7”
  2. Will Potter, Green is the New Red (book)
  3. High Rider, Armageddon Rock CD
  4. Kleinerwasserbär, The Silent Hound CS
  5. Deafness By Noise, A Long Way Down CD


Paul Silver

  1. Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart LP
  2. Yeesh, Confirmation Bias EP
  3. The Falcon, The Copyrights, Sam Russo, and Mikey Erg at Ken Club, San Diego
  4. Caskitt, The Penske File, Spanish Love Songs, and On Deck at The Doll Hut, Anaheim, CA
  5. Direct Hit!, Wasted Mind LP


Replay Dave

  • Big Eyes, Stake My Claim
  • King Friday, Dignity Crusade
  • Mikey Erg, Tentative Decisions
  • J Church, Horror of Life
  • Reactionary 3 / True North, Split LP


Rev. Nørb

  • Chrome Reverse, You Say You Love Me 45
  • Lovesores, Rock and Roll Animal 10”
  • The Connection, New England’s Newest Hit Makers CD
  • Indonesian Junk, Self-titled LP
  • Graham Rae: Soundproof Future Scotland (book)


Rich Cocksedge

Five Events I Attended (Chronological Order)

  • Wales v. Belgium, Euro 2016 Quarter Final at Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille, France
  • Radioactivity, Sievehead, Molar at The Lexington, London
  • War On Women, Haters at The Junction, Plymouth
  • Wonk Unit, Bobby Funk, Tinned Fruit, Bad Credentials at The Underground, Plymouth
  • Dag Nasty, Wonk Unit at The Fleece, Bristol


DJ Naked Rob

Radio Valencia 87.9FM, SFCA

  1. The Devils, Sin You Sinners LP
  2. Faking, Goddamn Cowards LP
  3. Ghoul, Dungeon Bastards LP
  4. Cult Values, Cult Values LP
  5. Talky Tina, Gang of Thieves CD


Rosie Gonce

My Top 5 Songs of the Summer

  1. “Sour Candy,” Bleached, Welcome the Worms LP
  2. “Wednesday Night Melody,” Bleached, Welcome the Worms LP
  3. “Think of You,” Bleached, Carter EP
  4. “Indiana,” Blowout, No Beer No Dad LP
  5. “Cents Cents Money Money,” Blowout, No Beer No Dad LP


Sal Lucci

  • Angry Angles, Self-titled LP
  • OBN IIIs, “Rich Old White Men” b/w “On the Verge of Collapse” 7”
  • Citizen Blast Kane, Straight to Video Disc LP
  • Sick Thoughts, “18 and Free” b/w “Choose Death” 7”
  • Foster Care, Sterilization LP


Sean Arenas

  • Outer Spaces, A Shedding Snake LP
  • Hunt, Branches CD
  • Rough Kids, Self-titled LP
  • Blatz, Mike Montano LP
  • Maadwest, I Can’t Believe We’re All Idiots CS


Sean Koepenick

Latest LP Reissues

  1. Scream, Fumble
  2. Various Artists, This Is Boston, Not L.A.
  3. Magazine, Once at the Academy
  4. Pylon, Live
  5. The Rifles, No Love Lost


Simone Carter

Top 5 Favorite Recent Discoveries

  • Flower Travellin’ Band, Satori LP
  • Pinkwash, Collective Sigh LP
  • HBO’s The Night Of
  • Please Kill Me, by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game, A Klingon Challenge, by Decipher Inc.


Toby Tober

Top Five Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed

  1. Swiss Army Man
  2. Transparent
  3. David Cross: Making America Great Again
  4. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  5. Captain Fantastic

Todd Taylor

  • Martha, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart LP
  • Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP
  • Tenement, Bruised Music, Vol. 2 LP
  •  Sun Bather, live and “Waiting” b/w “For Mig Er Det Ikke Lige Sådan” 7”
  • My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor by Keith Morris and Jim Ruland (book)
  • Dyke Drama, Up Against the Bricks LP
  • NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories by NOFX and Jeff Alulis (book)


Tommy Vandervort

  1. Toys That Kill, Meatwave, The Brokedowns, at Quenchers, Chicago
  2. Canadian Rifle, The Brokedowns, Retirement Club, at Crown Liquors, Chicago
  3. Salvation, Royal Fucks
  4. Gleam Garden, Self-titled CS
  5. Oblivion, Ambition Mission, The Arrivals, The Mushuganas, 4-Way Split 7”


Ty Stranglehold

Top 5 Bands I Saw Live in 1992

  1. SNFU
  2. Mudhoney
  3. Public Enemy
  4. Ministry
  5. Supersuckers

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