Top 5s from Razorcake 111 featuring: Amyl And The Sniffers, Steve Adamyk, Hidden Spots, The Fleshies, Soul Glo, Briefs, L7

Illustration by Shane Milner

Dayna Castillo
1. Amyl And The Sniffers, Self-titled
2. Hexdebt, Rule of Four
3. Shrimpwitch, Gave Me the Itch
4. Alien Nosejob, Buffet Is Love
5. Ausmuteants, …Present the World in Handcuffs

Art Ettinger
• Condor, Singles 2017-2018 LP
• ANTiSEEN, Live in Japan LP
• Drunk Buseys, Mad at Everything CD
• The Shutouts, Everything
• The Briefs, Platinum Rats LP

Bill Pinkel
• Hidden Spots, New Me / New You LP
• Steve Adamyk, Paradise LP
• Pup, Morbid Stuff LP
• Tiltwheel and Frankie Stubbs, live by a pool in Vegas
• Tony Molina and Culture Abuse, live in L.A.

Chris Mason
1. Hidden Spots, New Me, New You
2. Corner Boys, Waiting for 2020
3. Daydream, Self-titled
4. Martha, Love Keeps Kicking
5. Amyl And The Sniffers, Self-titled

Chris Terry
• Full Sun, Thinkin’ About It LP
Lest We Forget / Turn It Around East Bay punk comps
• Jai Paul, Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) LP
• Koffee, Rapture EP
• Xetas, The Tower LP

Craven Rock
1. Sharkpact, Mala Fides, Second Narrows, Brutal Poodle at Nate and Robin’s wedding, Vancouver, B.C.
2. Raw Deal by Joey Alone (zine)
3. John Waters interviewed by David Schmader at Town Hall
4. Kneel to the Rising Sun by Erskine Caldwell (book)
5. Calm., Things I Learned While Dying in Denver

Daryl Gussin
• Martha, Love Keeps Kicking LP
• Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise LP
• The Fleshies, Introducing The Fleshies LP
• Clowns, Nature / Nurture LP
• That seitan BBQ sandwich I had at The Owlery in Bloomington, Ind.

Designated Dale
1. L7, Scatter the Rats LP—L7 delivers yet again as they have the last thirty-plus years.  My fellow Angelenos done good, real good.
2. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders, The Past Came Callin’ LP—If you’re already familiar with Pat’s band and his incredible endeavors with The Lazy Cowgirls, this is absolute no-brainer. If you’re not? Ooof, you’ve got a shitload of catching up to do, friends. Real-deal rock’n’roll to live by.
3. Jesus & The Dinosaurs—One hell of a great live band I had the pleasure of catching recently, and hope y’all can too.
4. Exploring and scaling to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, roughly twenty-five miles outside of Mexico City. And you thought I only went to the DF for the food (I can’t lie, that was also part of the reason).
5. A’s BBQ of East Los Angeles. Traditional BBQ with a Mexican imprint that will sock you between the eyes. Quote Leonard Washington: “Alan Cruz’s ribs are the goddamn devil!”

Eric Baskauskas
Summer Lovin’
• Pelican, Nighttime Stories
• Fried Egg, Square One, plus live in Milwaukee at X-Ray Arcade and Chicago at Margaritaville
• Emma Ruth Rundle, On Dark Horses
• Halshug, Sort Sind
Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies by Dave Addey (book)

Jimmy Alvarado
Blindspotting (film)
• Channel 3, The Bellwether EP
• Lifters, Are You Ready for the Good Life single
• Mala Vista, Self-titled EP
• Radwaste, End Times Mix Tape LP

Juan Espinosa
• Soul Glo LP
• Maze 12”
• Mortician, Chainsaw Dismemberment 2 x LP reissue
• Game, No One Wins LP
• Full Of Hell, Weeping Choir LP

Kayla Greet
1. Seeing The Fleshies three times! Tacoma! Seattle! Portland!
2. Kyle Kinane at the Tacoma Comedy Club
3. Dead Bars record release show with Ramona, Orquestra Guitarrística, and 3 Fingers at The Kraken, Seattle.
4. Moving back to Seattle again. Thanks John Maiello for the new spot!
5. Nightmarathons, Choke the Pope, Bobcat, and Erodium at Victory Lounge, Seattle.

Kevin Dunn
1. Neighborhood Brats, Claw Marks
2. The Pretty Flowers, Golden Beat Sessions
3. The Fleshies, Introducing The Fleshies
4. Hope Is Noise, Demons
5. Sean Carswell, Dead Extra (book)

Kurt Morris
1. Idles, Joy as an Act of Resistance
2. Starflyer 59, Young in My Head
3. Cave In, Final Transmission
4. Camp Cope, How to Socialise and Make Friends
5. Motörhead, Ace of Spades

Martin Wong
• Save Music in Chinatown 18 with The Gears, Gitane Demone Quartet, Marriage Material, The Linda Lindas, and The Castelalas. Thanks to everyone who has helped us support public education and promote subculture for kids who can handle it! Having it coincide with amazing mural painting at Castelar Elementary, whose music program our all-ages matinees support, made my heart explode.
• Chip Kinman singing Rank & File songs with I See Hawks In LA. (Check out the Chip and Tony Kinman CD too!)
More Fun in the New World book and release events.
Ip Man 4: Master Z and Zhang Yimou’s Shadow on the big screen.
• The Linda Lindas rolling along, with shows coming up with Bleached and Alice Bag!

Mike Faloon
1. Antietam, Intimations of Immortality CD (For each song on the record, there’s a postcard with one of Tara’s paintings)
2. Ben Lamar Gay, Downtown Castles Can Never Block Out the Sun LP
3. Lisa Marr With The Tranzmitors, In the Summer 7” EP
4. Pioneer Valley Zine Fest at Flywheel Collective, Easthampton, Mass. To my left sat a woman who published a zine all about strawberries, to my right sat a guy who wrote a haiku collection about the style of martial arts he’s developed. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Zine fests are awesome.
5. J Robbins, Swing Left EP

Mike Fournier
• The World, Reddish LP
• Shellac, The End of Radio 2 x LP
• Notches, Distants, Witches With Dicks live at Greek American Social Club, Somerville, Mass. 5/30/2019 (with Scott and Gina)
• Older records I never listened to before now: Delay, Circle Change, and The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms
Chernobyl (TV series)

Mike Frame
1. L7, Scatter the Rats
2. Amyl & The Sniffers, Self-titled
3. Lizzo, Cuz I Love You 
4. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, The Past Came Callin’
5. The Short Fuses, Live in Minneapolis

Ollie Mikse
Definitive Top Five Swingin’ Utters albums
1. Self-titled
2. Streets of San Francisco
3. Poorly Formed
3. Five Lessons Learned
5. Peace and Love

Paul Silver
1. Ramona, Deals, Deals, Deals! LP
2. The Hammerbombs record release “shop show” with Odd Robot, False Positives, Sad Girlz Club
3. Allweather, Through the Floor LP
4. Heterofobia, Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder LP
5. Bracket, Too Old to Die Young LP

Rev. Nørb
• Briefs, Platinum Rats LP
• Coloured Balls, “Won’t You Make Up Your Mind” b/w “Devil’s Disciple” 45
• Brad Marino, Extra Credit LP
• Smart Shoppers 7” EP
• Laissez Faires, “Phantom Stranger” b/w “Redundant Beach” single

Rich Cocksedge
• Seeing Newport County (unfortunately lose) at Wembley Stadium, London in the EFL League 2 play-off final against Tranmere Rovers.
• War On Women, Petrol Girls, F. Emasculata live at The Cavern, Exeter, U.K.
• Honest Thieves, Ineptitude 7”EP
• Cereal Killer, The Beginning & End of Cereal Killer LP
• Arrest, Ei! LP

Rick V.
1. Sekrete, Endless Fucking Nightmare
2. Roy Ellis aka Mr. Symarip, Almighty Ska
3. CAKE in Chicago (check out the zine/book reviews)
4. Public Enemy, Tour of a Black Planet VHS
5. Jonah Ray, Gena Gephart, Christian Borkey at the Lincoln Lodge.

RoQue Torres
1. Dryland: Los Angeles Underground Art & Writing Anthology, Ponte Las Pilas Press South Central L.A. / IG: @pontelaspilaspress
2. When We Moved Away, by Vanessa A. Vázquez (zine) / IG: @dopeandyummy
3. Cansada (zine), Motherhood: From the Voices of Everyday, Chicana, Latina, Indigenous Parents / IG: @beanpoetic
4. Artist José Lozano’s Chicano Wedding Loteria (Illustrated card game)
5. Artist Jesse Barba, Matchbooks (book), Published by Kill Your Idols. Hand illustrated matchbooks / IG: @jessexbarba

Ryan Nichols
• Moonbather
• Building furniture
• Killing Joke at The Yost Theater
• Twentynine Palms, Calif.
• Magazine, After the Fact LP

Sean Koepenick
Things to Look Forward to This Year
1. The Ergs! reunion show
2. The Bomb reunion show (please?)
3. Moving Targets new record
4. The Cure concert film
5. Stiff Little Fingers / Avengers show

Steve Adamyk
• Terry & Louie, …A Thousand Guitars
• Local Drags, Shit’s Lookin’ Up!
• Weird Numbers, Minotaur Dreams
• Hash Redactor, Drecksound
• Carly Rae Jepsen, Dedicated

Tim Brooks
• Condor, Singles 2017-2018 LP
• Neutrals, Kebab Disco LP
• Sea Blite, Grass Stains and Novocain LP
• Tipex LP
• Battle Ruins, Paris cassette

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Hail Satan?
2. Booksmart
3. Becoming Bond
4. Getting On
5. Polytechnique

Todd Taylor
• Hidden Spots, New Me, New You LP
• Full Sun, Thinkin’ About It LP
• The Fleshies, Introducing The Fleshies LP
• Steve Adamyk Band, Paradise LP
• Sean Carswell, Dead Extra (book) tie James Jay, Barman (book)
• Vacation, Mouth Sounds #2699 LP

Ty Stranglehold
1. Droids Blood, Be Free LP
2. Weird Numbers, Minotaur Dreams 7”
3. The Freeze, Calling All Creatures LP
4. The Derelicts, Life of Strife LP
5. Cornerboys, Waiting for 2020 LP


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