Top 5s from Razorcake 105 featuring: Hankwood And The Hammerheads

Top 5s from Razorcake 105 featuring: Hankwood And The Hammerheads, Radon, Maniac, The Pretty Flowers, Superchunk


Andy Garcia
1. Tozcos, Sueños Deceptivos LP
2. Hankwood And The Hammerheads, Self-titled LP
3. La Contra Ola, Synth Wave and Post Punk from Spain 1980-86 2 x LP
4. Suburban Lawns, Self-titled LP reissue
5. Stiff Love, Self-titled EP

Art Ettinger
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution (movie)
• The Interrupters, Fight the Good Fight LP
• The Generators, Broken Stars & Crooked Stripes LP
• Street Dogs, Stand for Something or Die for Nothing LP
• Various Artists, Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk 2 x LP

Bill Pinkel
• Maniac, Dead Dance Club LP
• The Brokedowns, Sick of Space LP
• Superchunk, What a Time to Be Alive LP
• Neighborhood Brats, Night Shift 7”
Kitchen Confidential audiobook, authored and read by Anthony Bourdain, RIP

Chris Mason
1. Alice Bag, Blueprint LP
2. Freak Genes, Qwak Qwak LP
3. Sunshine Ward, Nuclear Ambitions LP
4. Warm Bodies, Self-titled 12”
5. Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off Dog LP

Chris Terry
• Pretty Flowers, Why Trains Crash LP
• Death Engine, Place Noire LP
• Pusha T, Daytona LP
• Nickelus F, Stuck LP
• Rixe, Collection LP

Craven Rock
1. Al Scorch, Poke LaFarge at Tractor Tavern
2. Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang by Lamont “U-God” Hawkins (book)
3. The Infinite Wait and Other Stories by Julia Wertz (graphic novel)
4. Anybody Killa, Sleeper 72, Deep Qualid, Pill Brigade, Enasnimi at El Corazon
5. The Gold Seekers (movie, 2017, Paraguay)

Cynthia Pinedo
Five “Something Old, Something New” Albums I’ve Been Listening to
1. The Ergs!, dorkrockcordrod
2. La Luz, Floating Features
3. Tony Molina, Dissed and Dismissed 
4. I’m still listening to The Bananas, The First 10 Years
5. The Get Up Kids, Kicker 

Daryl Gussin
• No Blues 7”, tie with The Blankz, White Baby 7”, tie with dimber, Take Me Out 7”
• Pretty Flowers, Why Trains Crash LP
• The Brokedowns, Sick of Space LP
• Alice Bag, Blueprint LP

Designated Dale
Top 5 Cover Songs of the Incomparable David Bowie
• The Candy Snatchers, “Suffragette City”
• Motörhead, “Heroes”
• Dramarama, “Candidate”
• Big Drill Car, “Black Country Rock”
• Gaby Moreno, “Five Years”

Gabby Gonzalez
Punk Bands of Today
• Blotter
• Drool
• Lunch Lady
• Strutter
• Aborted Tortoise

George Lopez
• Belgrado live at Zebulon, 04/26/18
• Hankwood And The Hammerheads live at 1st Street Pool, 05/19/18
• Lost Balloons, Liquor Store/Dirty Sandy 7”
• Oscura Luna live at Memorial Day Pachanga in Boyle Heights, 05/28/18
• Neanderthal, Fighting Music discography

Jimmy Alvarado
• Flat Worms, Red Hot Sand 7”EP
• Physique, Punk Life Is Shit 12”EP
• Just Head, Electric Ferrets, Bastard Son, and La Tuya, live at Café NELA 5/12/18
• Ruleta Rusa, Viviendo Una Maldicion LP
• Die Kreuzen, Cows & Beer 7”EP

Juan Espinosa
• Geld and Long Knife live at the Five Star Bar
• The Estranged / Public Eye, Split 7”
• Slant, Demo 2018 CS
• Spazz, Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 x LP
• FIFA World Cup 2018

Kayla Greet
1. Following Pinned In Place and Marriage Material around on tour for four days: Portland, Astoria, Olympia, and Seattle.
2. Hiking with real wolves in the woods with Todd, Jennifer, and Toby during their visit to Seattle!
3. Managing to see Worriers (at the Showbox) and PEARS (at the Highline) on the same night at two different shows. Seven bands in all that night!
4. Seeing Green Day fans lose their minds at two shows from The Longshot, Wild Buffalo in Bellingham and Chop Suey in Seattle.
5. Getting laid off from a job I hated. Fuck that place.

Kevin Dunn
1. Fur Coats, Milkdromeda EP
2. Limp Wrist, Facades LP
3. Lillingtons, Stella Sapiente LP
4. Superchunk, What a Time to be Alive LP
5. Alice Bag, Blueprint LP

Kurt Morris
1. Camp Cope, How to Socialise & Make Friends
2. I Feel Weird #3 (comic)
3. Ellen Forney, Marbles (graphic memoir)
4. Black Flag, My War
5. Mental health advocacy

Top 5 Patreons I Give My Hard-Earned Money to
• Yumi Sakugawa, cartoonist, meditation expert
• Taleen Kali, cosmic-punk rock goddess
• Rita Sapunor, autobio cartoonist
• Gabrielle Bell, autobio cartoonist
• Julia Wertz, autobio cartoonist

Mark Twistworthy
• MeanGirls, Is This Me Forever LP
• Red Hare, Little Acts of Destruction LP
• Come Holy Spirit, Asters and Disasters LP
• The Shifters, Just Sat Down 7”
• Maniac, Dead Dance Club LP

Matt Average
• Geld, Perfect Texture 12”EP, and live
• Giant Haystacks, This Is All There Is CD-R
• Abolitionist, The Instant LP
• Blues Lawyer, Guess Work LP
Bullitt at The Nuart (movie)

Matt Werts
• Great Plains, Born in a Barn
• Various Artists, London Is the Place for Me 2
• Ted Hawkins, Watch Your Step
• Various Artists, Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music
• Moolah, Self-titled

Michelle Kirk
Top 5 Albums of Spring 2018
1. Wooden Shjips, V
2. Graveyard, Peace
3. Courtney Barnett, Tell Me How You Really Feel
4. Screaming Females, All at Once
5. Moon Duo, Jukebox Babe / No Fun

Mike Dumps
• Future Virgins, Doomsday Raga (on repeat forever)
• dimber, “Take Me Out” b/w “Sons & Daughters” 7”
• The Sidekicks, Happiness Hours
• Radon, More of Their Lies
• Spit-take, Falling Star

Mike Faloon
1. Anthony Cronin, No Laughing Matter: The Life & Times of Flann O’Brien (book)
2. Kate DiCamillo, Flora & Ulysses (book)
2. Janelle Monae, “Pynk” video
3. Plan B, From Outer Space LP
4. Red Dons, Dead Hand of Tradition LP
5. Summertime

Mike Fournier
The Other Night at Quinn’s, by Mike Faloon (book)
Fluke Fanzine #15
• Gnards, Big Finish CS
• Parquet Courts, Wide Awake LP
• Protomartyr, Consolation EP

Mike Frame
1. Razor Boys, Self-titled LP
2. Beltones, My Old Man 7” reissue
3. Lee Harvey Oswald Band, Blastronaut LP
4. The Coup, entire catalog
5. Impiety, live in Rapid City

Good Chicago Bands
• Eephus
• Krayola
• Hot Lips Messiah
• The Gunshy
• Eephus

Paul Silver
1. Meatwave, Wide Angles, Oscar Bait, Dog & Wolf, Fuck You Idiot at Quenchers, Chicago
2. Pinned In Place, Rubbernecking at the Gates of Hell CS
3. The Smoking Popes, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Odd Robot at Soda Bar, San Diego
4. The Creeps, Beneath the Pines LP
5. La Escalera Fest 7, San Diego

Rene Navarro
1. Motown Records
2. My guardian and companion Kimura.
3. Riding my bike around L.A. listening to Pedal Strike
4. Isaac Asimov
5. Rata Negra tied with Rata Blanca

Replay Dave
• Radon, More of Their Lies 
• Squadron, My Other Brother Daryl 7”
• Guided By Voices, Space Gun
• Mike Llerena & The Nerve, Old Haunts & New Horizons
• Fastbacks, Answer the Phone Dummy

Rev. Nørb
• Mini Meltdowns, Self-titled 7”EP
• Trevor White, “Understood” b/w “Fall In Love Tonight” 45
• Gino & The Goons, Shake It! LP
• F.U.K., “Roadkill” b/w “I Got a Head” 45
• Cave Curse, Future Dust 12” 45

Rich Cocksedge
• Superchunk live at U.L.U. London, 05/29/18
• Wild Animals, The Hoax LP
• Irish Handcuffs, Comfort in Distraction 10”
• Future Girls, Motivation Problems
• Radon, More of Their Lies CD

Rosie Gonce
Top 5 Shows of May and June 2018
1. Western Addiction and Swingin’ Utters at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, 5/12/18
2. Genuine Parts, Modern Action, and The Briefs at Thee Parkside, SF, 5/19/18
3. A Giant Dog and Against Me! at UC Theatre, Berkeley, 5/25/18
4. The Subhumans at Metro Operahouse, Oakland, 6/2/18
5. Dirty Denim, DFMK, toyGuitar, and Nothington at Thee Parkside, SF, 6/9/18

Ryan Nichols
1. Ciudad Lineal, El Nuevo Hombre LP
2. Johnny Marr at the Teragram Ballroom
3. Poptone at Alex’s Bar
4. Hot Snakes at The Observatory
5. Clive Davis, The Soundtrack of My Life (book)

Sal Lucci
1. Firestarter, First Album and Livin’ on the Heat LPs
2. Real Kids, The Kids 1974 Demos, The Real Kids 1977/78 Demos/Live at the Rat! January 22, 1978 LPs
3. Nerve Beats, New Essentials LP
4. Erik Nervous, Assorted Anxieties LP
5. Various Artists, Horrendous New Wave LP

Sean Arenas
• The Pretty Flowers, Why Trains Crash LP
• Muscle Dungeon, Beef Angel 7”EP
• Breakfast In Silence, It’s Hard to be Open-Minded When You Wanna Die CD
• Nopes, Never Heard of It LP

Sean Koepenick
Heavy Rotation
1. Fireburn, Shine 7”
2. The Avengers, We Are the One 7”
3. The Avengers, Teenage Rebel 7”
4. The Avengers, Paint It Black 7”
5. Descendents, Who We Are 7”

Steve Adamyk
• Civic, New Vietnam 12”
• The Skids, Crooked Cop 7”
• The Living Eyes, Modern Living LP
• Jimmy Vapid, Night Moves LP
• Bad Sports, Open That Door 7”

Toby Chairmover
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Good Manners
2. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife
3. San Francisco 2.0
4. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
5. Freeway: Crack in the System

Todd Taylor
• Partial Traces, Glass Beach LP
• Maniac, Dead Dance Club LP
• The Brokedowns, Sick of Space LP
• Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Self-titled LP
• Firestarter, Livin’ on the Heat LP

Ty Stranglehold
1. No Problem, Let God Sort Em Out 
2. Maniac, Dead Dance Club 
3. Hot Snakes, Jericho Sirens 
4. Espectrostatic, Curios 
5. Mind Spiders, Furies 


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