Top 5s from Razorcake #92: Dyke Drama, Lost Balloons, Pedal Strike, Red Dons, CCTV, Listen Lady

Aug 09, 2016

(glitched cover by candice)

Art Ettinger
• MDC Memoirs from a Damaged Civilization: Stories of Punk, Fear and Redemption by Dave Dictor (book)
• Half-A-Hellstomper, The Greasy Sessions CD
• ANTiSEEN / He Who Cannot Be Named, Split 7”
• Meat Market, Dig Deep LP
• Discipline, Stake Your Claim LP

Becky Rodriguez
1. L.A. Zine Fest 2016
2. Ollin’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day tribute to the Pogues
3. Meeting Alice Bag again and her signing my copy of Pipe Bomb for the Soul
4. Public art in downtown L.A.
5. Weeding my bookshelves

Billy Kostka
• Utah Jazz, Ivory Wave
• Glitter, Self-titled mini LP
• Urochromes, Get in Line 4 Mental Decline
• Institute, Catharsis
• Deformity, Self-titled 7”

Candace Hansen
Top 5 Things Giving Me Life Despite This Never-ending Flu
1. Dyke Drama, Tender Resignation
2. La Croix Peach Pear sparkling water.
3. Ragana, Wash Away
4. Feels from the international Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference in Elmer, New Jersey.
5. Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Not Sorry

Chad Williams
Top 5 Shows of 2016 So Far
1. Riverboat Gamblers at Jackalope, Austin, 3/18
2. Dead To Me and Sciatic Nerve at Hemlock, SF, 1/17
3. Swingin’ Utters at Hemlock, SF, 4/1
4. Power Trip, Mean Jeans, Radioactivity at Cheer Up Charlies, Austin, 3/17
5. Enforcer, Exmortus at Parkside, SF, 2/2

Chris Mason
1. Steel Chains, demo
2. Violence Creeps, Soul Narc LP
3. Basement Benders, live at New Scowling House
4. Lost Balloons, Self-titled LP
5. Patsy’s Rats, Self-titled CS

Chris Terry
• Halfsour, Tuesday Night Live LP
• Turnstile, Nonstop Feeling LP
• Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered LP
• Kaitlyn Greenidge, We Love You Charlie Freeman (novel)
• Teaching my son to buttboard

Christina Zamora
1. Basement Benders, Lydiad
2. Sheer Mag, III
3. Lost Balloons, Self-titled
4. Various Artists, Girls with Guitars
5. Various Artists, C’est Chic!, French Girl Singers of the 1960s

Craven Rock
1. Phife Dawg and Jim Harrison, Rest in Power
2. Radon / Shallow Cuts, Split 7”
3. Ezra Furman, Day of the Dog CD
4. Pickled limeade at Vietnam Kitchen, Louisville, KY
5. Sole, A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing LP

Designated Dale’s
Top Five Fave Quotes Regarding the Ramones
1. “A band like the Ramones doesn’t come around once in a lifetime; they come around once.” –Seymour Stein, Sire Records
2. “It’s not just punk rock at its best, it’s plain rock’n’roll at its finest.” –Legs McNeil, PUNK fanzine
3. “The Ramones were special. That’s why I wrote a song for them. They were better than they knew. Don’t forget them.” –Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead
4. “Anyone who hates this record is an asshole.” –Phast Phreddie Patterson, Back Door Man fanzine, referring to their 1976 debut LP, Ramones
5. “Hey, we’re not students, we’re the Ramones.” –Johnny Ramone, in Rock’n’Roll High School

Daryl Gussin
• Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By LP
• Pedal Strike CD, and live at Café NELA
• Loko Ono, live at 2k7 Broad
• Neighbors LP, and live at Pehrspace
• Steel Chains CS, and live at the Bike Oven

Eric Baskauskas
• Audacity, Hyper Vessels
• Blood Pressure, Need to Control
• Connoisseur, Stoner Justice
• Gag, America’s Greatest Hits
• Strutter, Self-titled 7”

Garrett Barnwell
1. Catching Abjects at Gnarburger and attending Razorcakes’s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records on the same day, 3/26/16!
2. Electro Insides, Self-titled 7”
3. The Speedlights, Self-titled CD
4. Silverhead, 16 and Savaged LP
5. Rolling Stone’s hilarious “40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time” online piece.

Jeff Proctor
Top 5 Shows of Late (and Upcoming):
1. The Bollweevils with Tiltwheel, at the Kensington Club, San Diego, March 25
2. Dan Padilla Last Show at the Casbah, San Diego, April 2, with Toys That Kill, Low Culture, Vena Cava
3. Toys That Kill with Octagrape at the Redwood, L.A., April 15
4. Save The Music In Chinatown at the Grand Star Jazz Club, L.A. with Mike Watt & The Secondmen, Spokenest, California, May 8
5. Burger Boogaloo 2016 at Mosswood Park, Oakland, June 25-26, with John Waters, Traci Lords, the Lyres, the Real Kids, Flamin’ Groovies, the Spits, Dwarves, Angry Samoans, etc...

Jennifer Federico
Top 5 Ladies I Love Right Now
1. Manuela Iwansson, Terrible Feelings
2. Mary Animal, White Murder
3. Hannah Blumenfeld, White Murder
4. KY Ellie, Good Throb
5: Meghan O’Neil Pennie, Super Unison

Jimmy Alvarado
• La Tuya prepping to set the summer ablaze
• Hate, Self-titled EP
• Various Artists, The Music of Islam CD
• An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (book)
• Lady Snowblood, directed by Toshiya Fujita

Jim Ruland
1. Keith Morris, Alice Bag, Michelle Gonzales and Michael Fournier at Pehrspace.
2. Red Dons, The Dead Hand of Tradition
3. Exhumed / Iron Reagan, Split 12”
4. Rites Of Spring, Six Song Demo
5. Shiprock, New Mexico

John Miskelly
• Ministerio de Agricultura (Madrid)
• Acapvlco (Valencia)
• Ulises Lima (Madrid)
• Betunizer (Valencia)
• La Residencia, (Valencia. Not actually a band, a venue, but a very awesome venue)

John Mule
1. Axe Brother Podcast: Event Horizon Episode
2. Napalm Death at The Observatory
3. Conan, Revengeance
4. Warbler Records, Santa Barbara, CA
5. Throwback pick: Repulsion, Horrified

Juan Espinosa
• Urochromes 7” tie with Rüz 7”
• Private Room, Life Com 7”
• Mind Spiders, Prosthesis LP
• Dreamdecay, Frank cassette single
• Crazy Spirit, “3rd” 7”

Kayla Greet
Top 5 LA Vaycay Moments
1. Razorcake
2. Watching The Bollweevils, and not Luicidal at the Viper Room
3. Teaching Todd pinball skills at EightyTwo, b/w recording a podcast together
4. Ripping up Gone Girl and reading Black Hole by Bucky Sinister instead
5. Playing the host of another pinball podcast (Coast2Coast) and winning

Kevin Dunn
1. Flower, Waste of Life
2. Bob Mould, Patch the Sky
3. Alright, Self-titled 7”
4. Kevin Second’s regular releases on Patreon
5. Birthday Suits, Spin the Bottle: Adult Party

Kurt Morris
1. Slayer, Repentless
2. Small Brown Bike, Fell & Found
3. TW Walsh, Fruitless Research
4. Beach Boys, Pet Sounds
5. Slayer, World Painted Blood

Louis Jacinto
My Top 5 Punk Films
1. Los Punks: We Are All We Have
2. Los Punks: We Are All We Have
3. Los Punks: We Are All We Have
4. Los Punks: We Are All We Have
5. Los Punks: We Are All We Have

Matt Werts
• CCTV, Practice Tape 3.6.16
• Minutemen, Post-Mersh Vol. 3
• Laraaji, All in One Peace
• Ghost Orchard, Bliss
• Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Blood & Chocolate

Marty Ploy
• Sheer Mag, III 7”
• Macho Boys, demo
• Listen Lady, Self-titled 7”
• Decent Criminal, Self-titled LP
• Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Not Sorry LP

Michael Fournier
• Clorox Boy, by Justin Maurer (zine)
• Cassingle in Chapbook Form, by Tobias Carroll
• Reading w/ Alice Bag, Keith Morris and Michelle Gonzales at Pehrspace, L.A., CA 4/2/16
• Milling Gowns, Daephne at O’Brien’s, Boston, MA 3/12/16
• White Murder, Form Early LP

Mike Faloon
1. Basement Benders, Lydiad LP
2. The Chills, Silver Bullets LP
3. Robert Pollard, Faulty Superheroes LP
4. Salad Boys, Scarce Tracks 7” EP
5. Various Artists, Bloodshot Six Pack to Go: Working Songs for Drinking People

Mike Frame
1. Swingin’ Utters, Streets of San Francisco LP
2. Robbie Fulks, Upland Stories CD
3. Loretta Lynn, Full Circle CD
4. The Big Short (movie)
5. Bonnie Jo Campbell, Once upon a River (book)

Naked Rob
Radio Valencia | San Francisco
1. The Monsters, The Jungle Noise Recordings LP
2. Victims, Sirens LP
3. L.I., On the Corner LP
4. Bullet Treatment, Bloodshot: Chapter 1 EP
5. Rough Kids, Self-titled LP

Nick Toerner
• The Brokedowns, Life Is a Breeze LP
• Good Shade, Self-titled LP
• Tenement, Predatory Headlights 2 x LP
• Edhochuli, Dream Warriors LP
• Dopamines, Guided by Vices flexi 7”

Patrick Houdek
1. Tim Beaty, RIP
2. Tim Beaty Mr.#1derful Memorial Show at Lost Cross, Carbondale, Ill., April 2, 2016
3. Pegboy, Dan Vapid, The Cheats, The Brokedowns, Dethwarrant at Chop Shop, Chicago, Ill. April 9, 2016
4. MDC, The Bollweevils, Death And Memphis, Deathwish at Liar’s Club, Chicago, Ill. April 8, 2016
5. Moving to Denver, Colo.

Paul Silver
1. Pears, Green Star LP
2. Free Kittens & Bread, American Miserablist LP
3. Mind Spiders, Prosthesis LP
4. Dan Padilla’s last show at The Casbah, San Diego, with too many awesome bands from around the country to list
5. The Bollweevils, White Kaps, Tiltwheel, Western Settings, Darlington at The Ken Club, San Diego

Replay Dave
• Merle Haggard, Roots, Vol. 1
• Dan Padilla / Prince, Split 7”
• Doctor Bison, The Bloated Vegas Years
• Quicksand, Slip
• Seaweed, Weak

Rich Cocksedge
• Stiff Little Fingers live at Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter, UK
• Bob Mould, Patch the Sky LP
• Go White Bronco, Population: Ghost Town LP
• Muncie Girls, From Caplan to Belsize LP, tie with Colour Me Wednesday, Anyone and Everyone EP
• The New Christs, Live 2011 CD

Ryan Leach
Top 5 Labels at the Moment
1. Goodbye Boozy
2. 12XU
3. Selection
4. Windian
5. Solid Sex Lovie Doll

Ryan Nichols
1. Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
2. Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
3. Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
4. Spectres, Utopia
5. Plague Vendor, Bloodsweat

Sal Lucci
1. Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements (book)
2. The Dicks from Texas DVD
3. Destroy All Art LP
4. Modernettes, Teen City LP
5. Nameless Frames LP

Sean Arenas
• Purple 7, Garden Eyes LP
• Crybaby, Drag Me Under LP
• Behavior, 375 Images of Angels LP
• High Dive, New Teeth LP
• Malastare, Self-titled EP

Sean Koepenick
Books I Am Looking forward to Reading
1. Making of Ziezo by Alvin Gibbs
2. Under the Big Black Sun by John Doe
3. Chapter and Verse by Bernard Sumner
4. Wire, Pink Flag by Wilson Neate
5. Complicated Game, Inside the Songs of XTC by Andy Partridge and Todd Bernhardt

Simone Carter
• Culture Abuse, Peach
• Future Of The Left, The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left
• Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
• Lee Hazlewood, Trouble Is a Lonesome Town
• Jucifer, Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip

Susan de Place
Best new vinyl purchases (for debut at Razorcake/Vermin on the Mount readings with Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Michelle Gonzales, and Michael Fournier)
1. Chroma, Cuerpos Dóciles LP (huge thank you to Grave Mistake Records!)
2. Exit Order 7” EP
3. Patsy, “Eat It” b/w “Insidious Kind” 7”
4. Nots, “Fix” b/w “Modern” 7”
5. Suicidas, “Los Primeros” 7” LP (another huge thank you to DJ of Shadow Age!)

Steve Adamyk
1. Everything by The Blind Shake
2. New Colleen Green EP
3. Miscalculations, Kill the Whole Cast
4. Video, The Entertainers
5. Urochromes

Tim Brooks
• No Tolerance, You Walk Alone LP
• Phylums, “Decisions: b/w “Vexed”
• Nasty Facts, Drive My Car EP
• Last Crusade LP
• Lost Balloons LP

Toby Tober
Top 5 Movies I Have Recently Enjoyed
1. Land of Mine
2. Horace and Pete
3. Only the Dead See the End of War
4. Infinitely Polar Bear
5. Jane Wants a Boyfriend

Todd Taylor
• Mind Spiders, Prosthesis LP
• Pinned In Place, Ghostwritten By LP
• Daylight Robbery, Accumulated Error LP
• Juanita Y Los Feos, Nueva Numancia LP
• Joyride!, Bodies of Water LP
• Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Michelle Gonzales, and Michael T. Fournier reading at Pehrspace, L.A., CA 4/2/16

Tommy Vandervort
1. The Bollweevils SoCal tour
2. Pegboy, Brokedowns, Dethwarrant, Dan Vapid at Chop Shop
3. DFMK 7”
4. Running Anxious & Angry while Ryan Young was in Australia
5. Razorcake family and all my friends in SoCal for once again rolling out the red carpet.

Ty Stranglehold
1. Bad Future, Self-titled
2. Mind Spiders, Prosthesis
3. Bum Out, Pain Don’t Hurt
4. The Mants, Do the Dummy
5. The Lucky Boys EP

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