TONGUES OF FIRE: Self-titled: CS

Jan 05, 2022

Godless America is a prolific tape label from Florida. This five-song cassette by North Carolina’s Tongues Of Fire has a speedy, post-grunge sound. The song order reflects stages of grief as experienced by the author. The music is angry and flows nicely as a body of work. There seems to be a lot of ’90s influence in the mix. The crunchy guitars are reminiscent of Nirvana’s more boogie-lead angst or a bit of the Amphetamine Reptile band Helmet. “Numb” is particularly catchy and clever. “Clean” has a very catchy and staccato power chord verse. The drummer works in and out of the main riff in fun ways. It’s recorded well. It’s very ’90s influenced. It’s really well done. –Billups Allen (Godless America)

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