TOMS, THE: Fake Christmas: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Normally I’m a total Scrooge when it comes to Christmas songs, but The Toms’ Fake Christmas is actually quite nice. Written, produced, and performed by Tommy Marolda (hence The Toms, get it?) “Fake Christmas” was originally laid down on 2004’s Classic Christmas Songs with a Dash of Pepper: St. Nick’s Christmas by the Lonely Hearts Band. As catchy as it is unorthodox, “Fake Christmas” ain’t gonna be your grandma’s new favorite carol. Jangly guitar riffs instead of jingle bells, and some sweet Steely Dan-esque harmonies instead of a cherubic choir? Hell yeah—take that, Santa. The real standout of the EP, however, rests on the B side. Even though it was first recorded in 1985, “It’s Needless (Demo)” is a total XTC-inspired banger of a jam, and is my vote for best B side cut of the year. Buy this as an ultra-belated Christmas gift to yourself! C’mon, you deserve it! –Simone Carter (Frodis, [email protected],