TOM GRRRL: Genesis, WI: Digital

Jan 26, 2021

This is the Stations of the Crass of millennial DAW punk. Thoughtfully engaged in the subtle and not-so-subtle politics that have infiltrated our lives, while totally unafraid of the hard work it takes to make significant change in our own individual worlds. Every single track just feels so damn important! Long spoken word parts mixed in with garage pop that fades to the droning noise that overtakes your brain when you think of a two next to a zero next to a two next to a zero. Like Anxiety Cat’s The End of Reality as We Know It, it just feels like the most accurate representation of the infuriating, baffling, and surreal, yet equally humbling times we find ourselves existing in. If you spend your mornings listening to Democracy Now!, your days working as hard as you can, and your nights remembering how love feels, Genesis, WI is already a part of you. It’s that undeniable emotion you’re still feeling even as the world tries its damndest to crush anything and everything you believe in. At the 4:01 mark in “Good Old Boys” Daniel sings a line riddled in distortion and for the life of me I can’t make out the words, but I feel it. I feel it down at my fuckin’ core. And it makes me hopeful, and it inspires me, and I believe the world is a better place because it exists. –Daryl (