TOM BOIL: Everything’s Fine and That’s the Problem: CS

May 20, 2019

Tom Boil? Is that like a crab boil but we’re boiling alive dudes? I’m here for it. Are all these songs named after dinosaurs? You bet they are. I’m a big fan of nonmen screaming in anger and let’s face it there’s plenty to be angry about. This Tulsa hardcore band has at times a shoegazey, experimental vibe to it that makes for a cathartic build to the lyrics, which appear to be centered around themes of sexual assault. There’s urgency to the way the screaming, shouted lyrics sit on top of at times dreamy and at times harsh melodies. It drives you to pay attention. I was sitting up straight by the end of the opening track, “Hadrosaurus,” when I heard the line “Everything’s fine and that’s the problem. Everything’s fine and you’re the fucking problem.” The message is raw. It’s real and it’s relatable. I am one hundred percent here for this record and I feel like this band is one hundred percent here for me. –Lorien Lamarr (Crass Lips,