TODAY’SHITS: Self-titled: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Chicago mainstay James Swanberg is known for many things, including writing a song a day for some amount of years. Today’sHits feels tongue-in-cheek in a lot of ways, not least of which because of its clever-ish stylization. The songs on this debut LP are pure pop from the middle few decades of the twentieth century mashed together. It’s got some ‘50s bop, ‘60s rock’n’roll, and ‘70s drug folk psychedelic together. I imagine one of the goals is probably to create a feeling of weightlessness, of not knowing what era it is while giving a general sense of familiarity and comfort. It actually works and I spent most of this record laying on the couch looking at the ceiling, breathing at an even pace. And that’s saying something; I’m not the chillest person. –Theresa W. (Randy,