TOADS: Self-titled: LP

Jul 20, 2021

This LP contains eight punk slammers. Guitarist Chris Santamaria played for Loli And The Chones. Their P.S. We Hate You on Rip Off Records is still a favorite of mine. I still have the poster on my wall. But let’s not live in the past. Toads sail the punk seas wickedly. “Running 2: Still Running” is a fast-paced rocker with cynical lilt in the vocals and triumphant choruses reminiscent of The Avengers. “Not an Artist” is an efficient, 1:11 diatribe on the question: are you an artist? Spoiler alert: the answer seems to be no. “Another Year” is has a little bouncy Americana in the main riff and another solid chorus. It’s a good grab for punk ‘n’ rollers. –Billups Allen (Self-released)

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