TMA: What’s for Dinner: 3 x CD

Jul 20, 2021

TMA were a New Jersey hardcore band active throughout the 1980s, during which time they managed to release two full-lengths and assorted compilation tracks. As with so many other bands of the era, record collectors pulled them out of obscurity—and, in their case rightly so—given them new life and attention. Both LPs, What’s for Dinner and Beach Party 2000 respectively, and an additional EP’s worth of material recorded between the albums and originally released in 2017 as Just Desserts. The first album and EP are chock full of catchy, great tunes that sonically fall somewhere within the territorial lines of No Fraud, The Faction, and especially early Kraut, while Beach Party 2000 slows things down to mostly middle-gear tempos, adds a wee bit of surfy noodling to the guitars, and a smidge of melody to the vocals. Aces top to bottom. A worthy addition to your vinyl (or CD, in this case) collection, and one that’ll actually receive regular airplay. –Jimmy Alvarado (Left For Dead,

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